The answer is five, but may be four

I normally don’t take the time to just post mainly pictures, but I cannot help but share my adorable puppy off.  Thankfully our outside time consisted of less sneezing today and more cuddle time.  Continue reading “The answer is five, but may be four”

I’m stuck with a permanent case of the Mondays

Monday supposedly suck. Society conditions us to think this at an early age. Our school week starts on Monday. Most work weeks start on Monday. They tell us that to cherish weekends and monopolize our weekends with plans we cannot fathom making during the week. All my Mondays this year have sucked so far. I feel like I’ve had this cloud following me around that releases a few droplets here and there during the week and, then, Monday comes and the lightning strikes, and I can hear the rumbling of thunder in the background just before the downfall. It’s never a few drops here and there on Monday.

Continue reading “I’m stuck with a permanent case of the Mondays”

You are my pupshine, my beagle pupshine

My goal yesterday evening was to come home and finish one of the many reviews I’ve started writing, as well as all my convention posts I’ve been slowly putting together for some time now.  Needless to say that has not happened.  Continue reading “You are my pupshine, my beagle pupshine”

Why Oreo thinks Cocomo is a heffer

Every morning I try to interact with the pups so I give myself some extra time to do so.  Yesterday morning I went over to the fence per usual and Cocomo is running along it and I tell him that he needs to let his brother eat.  I have to say this because he has the habit of trying to keep all the food to himself.  Continue reading “Why Oreo thinks Cocomo is a heffer”

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