Friday the 13th film review

Friday the 13th is a film I was able to attain for free when I was younger. For some reason or another this was one of the movies that my cousin’s friend decided to give her despite the fact she hates horror films. A few years ago, I proceeded to pop in my VHS copy of Friday the 13th, though owning a VHS tape still was probably not the hippest thing about myself to admit, and realized that the tape was practically played out. In fact, even being able to actually make through the entire film was an amazing feat in itself.

Soon thereafter, my friend and I began to talk about upgrading the pitiful VHS. Thankfully about a year later I was able to upgrade with the uncut original Friday the 13th for $7.50!  Now though, thanks to my aunt I know the entire franchise through the blu-ray boxset.

Friday the 13th is part of the slasher genre that was born after the original Halloween (1978). Part of what makes Friday the 13th so unique and so original is by taking a random day that most people dread anyway for superstitious reasons and amplifying those fears times a thousand. The other is by using limited screen time for who is behind all the murders at Camp Crystal Lake.

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