Bride of Chucky film review

In October of 1998, twenty years ago now, I went with a friend to the theater. Bride of Chucky was our film for the day. While seeing all the original Child’s Play films in the comfort of my own home, the desire to see Chucky on the big screen was too great to pass up. Plus this time they included a girl doll. Tiffany. While most people wondered why I would want to see such a film in the theater, this did make my desire any less to do so.

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Life as We Know It film review

Life as We Know It is a film I desired to view while the feature was in theaters. Sadly, I never had the opportunity, nor did I know anyone who wanted to view the film as badly as myself. So there I was, waiting patiently for DVD to the point that forgetting was inevitable in many ways. One morning though while going through on demand, I stumbled upon the film being presented through one of the various movie channels. Excited, I forgot about the other pick for the day and pressed play without hesitation. One of the coolest aspects of the film is that Life as We Know It was filmed in my own backyard! The film takes place in Atlanta and was not only filmed in Atlanta, but also filmed in Norcross. One of the locations the film features is the Belly General Store, which is where the bakery scenes were shot. That is just a cool tidbit of trivia for all you Georgia folks who gets overly excited knowing films and shows are getting shot here more often than not these days. There is something undoubtedly cool about being able to have such a connection to a film and recognize locations so that made this film even more of a treat.

The synopsis is about two people on very different paths in life. Holly Berenson (Katherine Heigl) is on the road to get married and have babies. This is one of the many things she wants out of life. She also runs and owns a successful bakery and desires to expand and remodel. She wants a successful restaurant attached to her location as well. Eric Messer (Josh Duhamel), on the other hand, enjoys his playboy lifestyle and his job with the Atlanta Hawks in the control room of Philips Arena letting audiences in on the best plays if they have to sit at home. They are best friends with Peter (Hayes MacArthur) and Alison Novak (Christina Hendricks). Without Eric or Holly’s knowledge, the couple name both of them as guardian to their daughter Sophie should something ever happen to both of the Novaks.

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