Butterflies in the sky, I can go twice as high

Reading Rainbow was one of my favorite shows growing up. I remember being excited when my teachers throughout elementary school used this program as a teaching aid. The truth is I’ve always loved reading. At one point I broke up with reading though. This happened while I attended college. There are lots of areas to place blame for this lack of interest to read. Most of the blame was a lack of time. If I read for thirty minutes a day then there would be thirty minutes less to contribute elsewhere. Thirty minutes less to work on perfecting a project. Thirty minutes less relaxing after a long day. At one point though my idea of relaxation was to read for fun.

A lot of people I have talked throughout the years say they quit reading around the same time. Part of that is that most of us had so much required reading that by the time we had free time we did not have the desire to pick up yet another book. Maybe that is part of it. Maybe reading is something that we are supposed to reconnect with over time. Last year one of my aunts asked me if I still read like I used to because her daughter does now. When asking this question she meant am I still the same girl who constantly had a book on her. Not an ebook, but a book. I would even bring books to family functions. If things grew dull among the adults I’d go off to my corner in whomever’s house and read. And as we can recall that was viewed as about 97% of the time as a child.

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