Psycho film review

In 1960, Alfred Hitchcock changed the face of horror and the way movies were viewed entirely with birth of Psycho. While he was known as the Master of Suspense beforehand, Psycho was the film that sealed his nickname for decades to come. There are directors that have of course come close to producing features that take audiences on a thrill ride, but still none like Hitchcock. In fact, after watching a documentary through my cable provider, Dial H for Hitchcock (1999), I learned even more about Psycho.

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What is your favorite movie?

A while back I happened upon a thirty day movie challenge online.  While this would have been perfect for June, seeing as it has thirty days, I’ve chosen to write a little each day about some of my all time favorite films in July.  I’ve even included a spot at the end so I can talk about a random film of my choice to extend it and make this a thirty-one day challenge instead. Continue reading “What is your favorite movie?”

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