A Nightmare on Elm Street film review

This is an odd confession, but the first time I watched A Nightmare on Elm Street I was in the fourth grade. I was making a float of Six Flags Over Georgia for the parade that all fourth graders had to make at Clarkdale Elementary. At the time, I believe the film was on UPN and I can remember hearing that if I could handle Freddy Kruger no horror film I could not handle. In many ways I still find an odd truth about that statement.

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Urban Legend film review

Back in 1998, a group of friends and I immersed ourselves in various local urban legends. As I listened to the stories that traveled around the area, I became even more fascinated by the legends after viewing the film Urban Legend during its opening weekend. For years afterward I bought and read random books on urban legends around the world. Finally, I found an encyclopedia of sorts on them, but not as nice as the one in the film sadly. If only.

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Conventions are addictive

Last year was my first Walker Stalker Convention. This was almost my first convention ever, but then Supernatural had to swoop in at the last second and come to Atlanta the weekend before! I’m not talking about that convention right now though so more on that later. This upcoming weekend I will get to take part in my second Walker Stalker Convention and I could not be more excited if I tried. Continue reading “Conventions are addictive”

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