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Circle Circle Dot Dot Now I Got My COVID Shot (Dose 1)

If this is the first post of mine you ever read, you should know, I HATE NEEDLES. I cannot stand getting my blood drawn. Every time I get my blood drawn, I have to look at the nearest wall until the blood is drawn. I can talk during this process, and sometimes I make faces if the needle hurts going in, but at the end of the day, I hate needles. They scare the hell out of me. And when it comes to watching blood go into the tubes–that’s one big nope! That is also not my cup of tea. 

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A Year Later – How a Movie Won Over The Highway Men on ‘The Walking Dead.’

Lately, I have been thinking about a post I made two years ago as of yesterday. A year before we knew there would be a global pandemic. A year before, I had to face the fact that some of the talking points I laid out in my article, How a Movie Won Over The Highway Men on ‘The Walking Dead’ would become somewhat true. The crazy part is I remember the last time I went to see a film in a theater– the exact day. It was March 12, 2020, and I saw two films that night. I saw The Hunt, and I saw Bloodshot. And since I saw Bloodshot first, the last film I saw in theaters was The Hunt

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How a Movie Won Over The Highway Men on ‘The Walking Dead’

I originally posted this article on a different site two years ago, on March 26, 2019.

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When words are both true and kind they can change the world

I read the quote and title above earlier, making me feel like more of a Buddahist than ever. Before the hurricane-force winds and storm-ravaged Georgia last week, my goal was to write a post about the importance of voting. The importance of showing where you stand and what you believe in ultimately. This week has changed my desire to do that as we move on from it. Plus, other people’s words have brought different thoughts to the forefront too.

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Stop making others say Me Too

When the Me Too movement started I knew I wanted to write something. It has taken me this long to truly collect my thoughts. Unfortunately, I don’t know many women who cannot say that phrase. We all have dealt with objectification to unwanted advances over the years. We all have a story to tell. There should not be a time limit on that story if it’s one with no resolve. I say this because over the years society has created a stigma when it comes to saying anything to anyone for fear they would have to face a trial. 

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We should all walk out and walk up

Protesting is important. Letting people know we have a voice is important. Since the discussions of a national walk out started, people have openly chastised the students partaking.  People continually mock these students, these children, for attempting to push change on us as a country.  Continue reading “We should all walk out and walk up”

Stop letting fear run rampant

For years I have let what ifs run my life. Not good what ifs, but the negative ones. I’ve let them run my life far longer than I should have. I’ve given people far more power than they have deserved. And I’ve reached a point in my life where I’m not going to beg anyone to be in my life. Are there people I feel I should be in touch with far more than I am? Yes.  The only problem with this desire is that I’m human and I make excuses just like everyone else when when the end of the day is quickly approaching. Am I grateful for those who make an effort when I don’t? YES! Even if we see each other once a year, I know that you thought enough about me to make that effort. Do I want to see you more? Of course. Do I always have the time? Unfortunately not. Am I trying to re-prioritize?  Yes.

The majority of my days are filled with work. Forty hours of my week is devoted to my job. At least thirty minutes to an hour is devoted to walking or some form of exercise. Another hour or two goes to writing something every night. Even if I have to walk away from whatever is on my mind, like my Friend Request review, and come back to post it later. My goal is to write, which is more work. Harder work than people give it credit for at times that is certain. I also want to read for at least an thirty minutes to an hour a night as well. During the week plans for anything else is generally shot to hell or sometimes time gets chipped slowly from somewhere else.

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