Stop letting fear run rampant

For years I have let what ifs run my life. Not good what ifs, but the negative ones. I’ve let them run my life far longer than I should have. I’ve given people far more power than they have deserved. And I’ve reached a point in my life where I’m not going to beg anyone to be in my life. Are there people I feel I should be in touch with far more than I am? Yes.  The only problem with this desire is that I’m human and I make excuses just like everyone else when when the end of the day is quickly approaching. Am I grateful for those who make an effort when I don’t? YES! Even if we see each other once a year, I know that you thought enough about me to make that effort. Do I want to see you more? Of course. Do I always have the time? Unfortunately not. Am I trying to re-prioritize?  Yes.

The majority of my days are filled with work. Forty hours of my week is devoted to my job. At least thirty minutes to an hour is devoted to walking or some form of exercise. Another hour or two goes to writing something every night. Even if I have to walk away from whatever is on my mind, like my Friend Request review, and come back to post it later. My goal is to write, which is more work. Harder work than people give it credit for at times that is certain. I also want to read for at least an thirty minutes to an hour a night as well. During the week plans for anything else is generally shot to hell or sometimes time gets chipped slowly from somewhere else.

Chipping away that time is important. Making time for what you deem important in your life is also worth it. Sometimes we have to remember that people fall into what is important in our life. I bring all this up because just the other day I wrote about needing hope.  We need more good people in a world that seems downright hopeless in its current state.  Every time I turn on the news of late I hear of destruction, devastation, and death.  And the latter increased tenfold with the recent terrorist act that took place on our own soil.

What happened in Vegas should have never happened.  We should not live in a world where people can get their hands on weapons that can cause mass destruction on that scale.  I understand people have the right to protect themselves.  I understand that the second amendment was created for we the people to secure a free state were our rights are not infringed upon.  Trust me, I get it.  But where does this stop?  When do we actually do some sort of regulation?  When is it okay to start truly talking about gun control?

Today I read a remark about how the talk about the talk for gun control died the moment we dubbed the losses Sandy Hook Elementary School acceptable.  I feel this started by dubbing the losses at at Columbine High School acceptable then was perpetuated once more by dubbing the deaths at Pulse nightclub acceptable.

By sitting back and doing nothing to reform what is wrong with our country’s gun regulations is the message to each and every person who even has an inkling to commit an act of domestic terror.  Yes, bad people will continue to get their hands on weapons no matter what.  Those people will continue to find a way to cause a path of destruction.  But why do we have to continue making it easier for them? The answer is we don’t.

Congress has to do something.  We have to keep talking about this and urging them to do something until change takes place.  No more innocent people should have to die.  No one else have to live in a world where we are afraid to go outside.  We should be able to have fun without worrying if our concert or event is going to be the next broadcast on the news.  Our family and friends should not have to worry when we go to these events.  And the truth is right now we live in a world where that is not possible.  We have to keep fighting to make that possible.

I realize I’m just one voice and one person, but if there is enough of us we can make change happen.  I don’t want to wake up one morning and realize I’ve lost a friend in some senseless tragedy that could have been prevented.  My friends are all too precious to me.  To all of you already fighting, please keep fighting.  Don’t give up.  More of us are coming.  More of us agree with you. None of us want to see anything this horrific happen again.

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