A Nightmare on Elm Street film review

This is an odd confession, but the first time I watched A Nightmare on Elm Street I was in the fourth grade. I was making a float of Six Flags Over Georgia for the parade that all fourth graders had to make at Clarkdale Elementary. At the time, I believe the film was on UPN and I can remember hearing that if I could handle Freddy Kruger no horror film I could not handle. In many ways I still find an odd truth about that statement.

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What’s your favorite scary movie?

If I’m being honest that is not how the question/request for day four is worded.  The truth is I’ve seen Scream one too many times and I had to write the question that way.  It was a must.  With that said I’m oddly enough not writing about Scream today.  That comes later on, which is why I went with one of my other favorite horror films.  Continue reading “What’s your favorite scary movie?”

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