What is your favorite documentary?

Over the years I have watched plenty of documentaries.  Most of them are beyond fascinating.  In fact, I cannot think of many documentaries that have made me turn them off over the years.  And lord knows there have been some I didn’t think I would be able to finish due to the dribble that was being provided for my benefit.  The good thing about all documentaries is the knowledge obtained through them, but the fact of the matter is that all documentaries are biased to some degree.  I feel in a way this can especially be said about a behind the scenes look at a film.  Why would anything painfully negative be said against said film?  I cannot think of a reason to be honest with you other than facts that it might not have performed well, but those are facts.  That’s why upon thinking of an answer to this question, I realized that this will be the second time I will talk about A Nightmare on Elm Street with this movie challenge.

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What is the last movie you saw in theaters?

I will admit two things before I go into the answer for the day.  I probably would not have seen this movie without Moviepass.  If it weren’t for going to three doctor’s appointments in one day, thus having the day off, I probably would not have the opportunity to go see this movie.  And a third reason I saw the film was a theater near me was FINALLY playing the film.  Continue reading “What is the last movie you saw in theaters?”

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