More Writing Monday

I’m thinking every two weeks I’m going to start a new thing on my site. All my writings for other sites are now linked here for you guys to read. I am also thinking of making two new tabs so I can post my work there as well. Granted, people would need to check those tabs on more of a daily basis since an actual post would not go up, BUT it would at least get EVERYTHING I write out there and on three platforms. Of course that might be four platforms as I think I should embrace Instagram with some images too! I’m figuring it all out and apparently by talking to you guys. Kinda sorta. Ahem. Anywho, without further adieu enjoy the writing I have completed recently.

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What is the best movie you saw last year?

This is by far one of the hardest questions I’ve answered this whole challenge.  As most of you have probably figured out by now there are not many films I dislike.  And I say dislike because even if I say, “Oh I hated that movie,” I can’t really say that I truly hate anything.  When taking into account all the films I saw last year I thought about the film I’ve wanted to watch over and over again since viewing that film in the theater.  Continue reading “What is the best movie you saw last year?”

It film review

I have seen It twice in theaters. I saw the film once about a week after the film initially came out, and once about two weeks ago. Even after seeing the film twice, I am still want to see It a third time. Granted, making time to see any film for a third time in theaters is harder than I care to admit, but I have to say it would be worth my time and money.

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