More Writing Monday

I’m thinking every two weeks I’m going to start a new thing on my site. All my writings for other sites are now linked here for you guys to read. I am also thinking of making two new tabs so I can post my work there as well. Granted, people would need to check those tabs on more of a daily basis since an actual post would not go up, BUT it would at least get EVERYTHING I write out there and on three platforms. Of course that might be four platforms as I think I should embrace Instagram with some images too! I’m figuring it all out and apparently by talking to you guys. Kinda sorta. Ahem. Anywho, without further adieu enjoy the writing I have completed recently.

This is it for now. Another recap of Good Girls will go up on FanFest later today so that’s a bonus! Lots of updating to do, but I’ve decided that Mondays is a great day to post previous writings. I’m going to call it More Writing Money. MWM! Maybe this will become a thing and maybe it wont, but for me it will. Even if next week’s post does not have as many links as you see above, there will at least be four so that’s something. Also be on the look out this week for some scheduled posts I have going on as well. I’ve had a lot on my mind so hopefully you will enjoy it and maybe even find comfort that someone else feels the same way you do. Either way, I’ve finally figured out a balance and I’m gonna roll with it.

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