More Writing Monday

I’m thinking every two weeks I’m going to start a new thing on my site. All my writings for other sites are now linked here for you guys to read. I am also thinking of making two new tabs so I can post my work there as well. Granted, people would need to check those tabs on more of a daily basis since an actual post would not go up, BUT it would at least get EVERYTHING I write out there and on three platforms. Of course that might be four platforms as I think I should embrace Instagram with some images too! I’m figuring it all out and apparently by talking to you guys. Kinda sorta. Ahem. Anywho, without further adieu enjoy the writing I have completed recently.

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This time on As the Writer Writes

I’m running out of creative ways to give you guys updates on my writing! The good news is though that it’s that time again that I keep you all appraised of what else I have been writing. It’s been a crazy busy past few weeks, which I plan on writing about soon rather than later, but for now these are the links I can provide you with for the time being. Enjoy!

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Why it is difficult to lose anyone in the zombie apocalypse

Please note if you have not watched the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead, spoilers lie ahead.  Now that my warning is out of the way… Continue reading “Why it is difficult to lose anyone in the zombie apocalypse”

My friend will kill your cat in the zombie apocalypse

Since one my friends has started watching The Walking Dead we tend to put ourselves in zombie apocalypse scenarios.  Obviously we would kick ass and take names and survive it!  Duh! Just so you all know I will be at one of my cousin’s houses, which will require me to travel around a mountain to get there, ’cause traveling up it scares the bajesus out of me.  Continue reading “My friend will kill your cat in the zombie apocalypse”

Adventures of Michelle in Conventionland

Back to the exciting adventures of Michelle in Conventionland!  I have now made up a word.  I feel this is an acceptable part of my life as I tend to do these sort of things all the time.  Today you are joining me for day two of my 2016 Walker Stalker Con journey.  Continue reading “Adventures of Michelle in Conventionland”

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