Selena Knew How to Keep Cool

After watching the movie Selena when I was younger I thought it would be absolutely okay to walk around in pants and a bra. It just made sense to me. I still had closed on as my boobs had a top on them and I was cooler suddenly. My mother and I got into many arguments as to why it was not appropriate to walk around like that around my father to which I explained it was like walking around in a bikini top. She of course countered with that I didn’t wear bikinis to swim. I still thought this was crap at the time and still┬ádo in a way.

These feelings came to the surface the other night as I realized that our air unit needs serviced once more and the first night without it was about eighty degrees in the house. It is literally cooler outside than in my house right now and why while at work I do not mind it feeling like an icebox. I also do not mind it feeling like an icebox in my car because it was cooler outside than in my house until last night. Last night our air finally got fixed and we were not trying to suffer through the heat just to watch General Hospital.

My point is the other night I mentioned going back to my Selena look and my dad just shook his head and the following conversation took place:

Dad: You do that, but when you see your mom again it is going to be a fight.

Uncle George: Why?

Me: Because she used to wear a bustier while she sang so she would be less hot.

Dad: How do you know that’s why she did that?

Me: Because it’s frowned upon if women go shirtless and a woman must remain cool somehow.

Dad: ……………..

Uncle George: Laughs

Dad: The air will be fixed in no time you’ll see.

I just want to point out he said this two days ago and it was still Satan’s den when I walked into it last night and not heavenly after I walked into it again because I could not deal with the hotness. Yes, I am a proud spoiled diva when it comes to air conditioning. Back to the conversation though.

Me: Well you know what I say to that until then?

Dad: What?


You should also know that I proceeded to dance off during the end of my walk that day with the exact amount of flair I felt Selena would have wanted me to embrace. I may have to watch that movie again sometime soon or at least listen to her music today while I’m working. It’s never a bad thing to familiarize myself with her music again, but apparently it’s still frowned upon for women to wear a bustier everywhere. We can wear bikinis though, which makes no sense to me. Whatever. I’m never going to figure it out but I am beginning to think my teenage cousin gets it though she has determined that since men can take off their shirts women should be able to as well.


Morning Showers Brings the Kitties to the Bathroom

This morning I knew I had to get up and take a shower. Right now the air in our house is not working so it is a must that I take a shower before bed or in the morning. It depends just how sweaty I get during my walk. Nine times out of ten it is before bed and until our air gets fixed I find it wise to take a shower in the morning too. In the morning I typically have two cats all YO MAMA I NEED ALL THE ATTENTION ON ME BEFORE YOU GO TO WORK. Then of course when I go to cuddle with one of them, Oliver, he looks at me like WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! I DID NOT JUMP ON YOU FOR CUDDLES EVEN THOUGH I LAID ON YOUR CHEST. HOW DARE YOU. 

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