Morning Showers Brings the Kitties to the Bathroom

This morning I knew I had to get up and take a shower. Right now the air in our house is not working so it is a must that I take a shower before bed or in the morning. It depends just how sweaty I get during my walk. Nine times out of ten it is before bed and until our air gets fixed I find it wise to take a shower in the morning too. In the morning I typically have two cats all YO MAMA I NEED ALL THE ATTENTION ON ME BEFORE YOU GO TO WORK. Then of course when I go to cuddle with one of them, Oliver, he looks at me like WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! I DID NOT JUMP ON YOU FOR CUDDLES EVEN THOUGH I LAID ON YOUR CHEST. HOW DARE YOU. 

Actually he doesn’t do the HOW DARE YOU. That is more Willow’s style than Oliver’s, but this morning I thought okay I’m just gonna go to the bathroom, turn on my shower and just get it all done because I had wasted thirty minutes lying in bed refusing to get up in the first place. Not the point. This however did provide an amusing encounter with my kitties that I cannot resist sharing. 

Me: I turn on the shower and go about my time in the bathroom. 

Oliver: Rushes into the bathroom to remind me he has yet to receive food even though there are both food and water in the bowl. MAMA YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT I NEED FO– He notices the water only to look up at me terrified for a moment and dart back out of the bathroom far quicker than he came in. ABORT THE MISSION, THERE IS WATER IN THE TUB. ABORT, ABORT, ABORT. WILLOW THERE’S WATER COMING INTO THE TUB IN THE BATHROOM. 

Willow: OH MY GOD THERE’S WATER. OH YAY. OH MY GOD. IT IS BATH TIME. GLORY TO MY HUMAN WHO IS GOING TO GIVE ME A BATH THIS MORNING!! She rushes into the bathroom and puts her front paws on the side of the tub to peer in and then up at the water and over to me.

Me: Not your bath. That is my shower. Not yours. No shower for the kitty this morning.


Me: We will give you a bath this weekend you little weirdo.

Willow: FINE. Essentially storms out of the bathroom only to meow as if she’s mumbling/back talking me once she exits.

Me: ……………………………………….I should shower.

And that my friends is what happens when you have two VERY different kitties.

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