Each year should produce a better you

2019 was an odd year. Literally. In hindsight, I think shortly after all the fantastic things I did in July, I went through what I call a mini depression. I was also painfully burnout, and I found myself highly unmotivated. I think we all have lulls in life. 2019 included dealing with ten years since my mom’s passing. I always thought I’d be elsewhere doing something fabulous at thirty-five. Yet not so much. Yet, I never sat down to take into account life was not so bad.

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Why not fix their crown as you fix our own?

I remember seeing a meme that reminded women to fix the crowns of other women without telling them. This is always something that has stood out to me. I could not help but think, I wish more women did this for one another. One of my favorite parts of the movie Isn’t It Romantic is Rebel Wilson’s character Natalie explanation why she hated romantic comedies. One of the reasons she gave was because there’s always competition between the female lead and some overly bitchy female in the office. The females are always pitted against one another. They are always SO ugly with one another.

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Morning Showers Brings the Kitties to the Bathroom

This morning I knew I had to get up and take a shower. Right now the air in our house is not working so it is a must that I take a shower before bed or in the morning. It depends just how sweaty I get during my walk. Nine times out of ten it is before bed and until our air gets fixed I find it wise to take a shower in the morning too. In the morning I typically have two cats all YO MAMA I NEED ALL THE ATTENTION ON ME BEFORE YOU GO TO WORK. Then of course when I go to cuddle with one of them, Oliver, he looks at me like WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! I DID NOT JUMP ON YOU FOR CUDDLES EVEN THOUGH I LAID ON YOUR CHEST. HOW DARE YOU. 

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Previously on Michelle Writes

My friend and I decided to do a tarot card reading on New Year’s Eve this year. Emotionally last year was a rough year for me. Sometimes I felt as if I were continuously cautioned to keep my arms and legs inside and everything would be okay. The only problem was no one told me I was on the roller-coaster from the film Final Destination 3. Okay. Fine. 2018 was not that bad. At the end of the day I managed to get through last year and I did not go insane. The tarot reading basically told me that I’m on the right path in regard to pursuing my dream. It did tell me that I needed to consider letting the other one go though this year.

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Strange conversations with dad a billion weekends ago

I’m not sure why I never posted this but I feel I should now. Think back to September 2nd of 2018 and you will now know what I did on that very day with my father.

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What is a movie that makes you happy?

There about a hundred films I can list today that make me happy.  In fact, whenever I have been traumatized by a movie or television I will put in the original My Little Pony movie.  You know, the one from the eighties with the purple ooze?  I will also do this with the Power Rangers show and their original movie too.  How weird is it that the Power Ranger movie also has purple ooze also?  I feel like the nineties and eighties had some weird purple ooze obsession that I just realized.  Then of course you have Happy Gilmore, Never Been Kissed, 10 Things I Hate About You, and a slew of other films.  But ultimately I decided to write about a movie that has a man who needed to learn to relax and a hooker with a heart of gold. Continue reading “What is a movie that makes you happy?”

The last weekend trip to Conventionland

Let me start by saying despite the fact we were busier on this day than the first for some reason I felt more laid back by this point.  Maybe that is because these conventions kind of make me feel like I’m at home.  Continue reading “The last weekend trip to Conventionland”

Friend Request film review

Friend Request is a film I’ve been curious about since noticing a cardboard cut out when exiting another film one evening at the theater. Initially this made me think of the 2014’s Unfriended.  The unique thing about Unfriended is that the entire film took place through characters computer screens.  So while the two films have a popular social media site in common, they are drastically different in terms of execution.

Friend Request opens on a classroom where a professor informs his classroom that a student has killed herself.  Upon asking those in the room to report anything that might help authorities understand what occurred the camera pans to two friends, focusing on one of the most popular girls in school, Laura Woodson (Alycia Debnam-Carey).  Moments later audiences are transported to two weeks earlier and we watch as she absentmindedly clicks on numerous confirms without truly acknowledging who she is friending online.  In fact, Marina is the only person she examines even remotely in depth.  Though I have to believe in hindsight she wishes she would have kept scrolling.

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