What is a movie that makes you happy?

There about a hundred films I can list today that make me happy.  In fact, whenever I have been traumatized by a movie or television I will put in the original My Little Pony movie.  You know, the one from the eighties with the purple ooze?  I will also do this with the Power Rangers show and their original movie too.  How weird is it that the Power Ranger movie also has purple ooze also?  I feel like the nineties and eighties had some weird purple ooze obsession that I just realized.  Then of course you have Happy Gilmore, Never Been Kissed, 10 Things I Hate About You, and a slew of other films.  But ultimately I decided to write about a movie that has a man who needed to learn to relax and a hooker with a heart of gold.

Day 7: A movie that makes you happy – Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman is one of those films I remember being yelled at for showing my friends.  In all fairness, the first time I did this I didn’t realize that the film had far more inappropriate scenes than not for pre-teens.  This is mostly due to all the scenes that were cut to make it work for television.  Of course they did play the film an awful lot on ABC Family before the network became Freeform.  I don’t know if they still play the film on there, but I feel by making this point that the film might not has been as inappropriate as I originally thought.  Of course there is the scene where she is talking about condoms and asking Edward which one he would prefer and in my opinion he should have chose the gold circle coin one because it was the condom of champions!  And much like the rest of these I feel I have somewhat veered off path again.  Though at least I’m still quoting the film right?  And that part does make me happy/laugh now that I’m older so that has to count for something.

One of the many things I love about Pretty Woman is the soundtrack.  There is not a song in the film that does not make me think of the movie when I hear the song randomly come on whatever station I’m listening to at the time.  Plus if you have not wanted to reenact the scene where she is singing Prince’s Kiss in the tub full of bubbles I’m thinking you might be in denial.  And outside of It Must Have Been Love I smile every time I hear one of the songs.  After all, she just left in the limo to head back home and turned down Edward’s offer.  Of course she should have, but it still makes me a little sad all the same. There is something about the way the songs all truly work together to create this movie montage in my head each and every time and that is nothing short of amazing in my eyes.

Then of course you have the rags to riches story of it all.  Despite knowing the romantic comedy formula and knowing that Vivian and Edward have the most bizarre meet cute ever, I would not have thought a woman who was a prostitute would end up with someone like Edward.  In many ways, this film taught me that we do not have to fall into a set life.  There are ways of getting out of a bad situation.  This might take a painstakingly long time, but it is entirely possible.  In that same vein, we can always better ourselves.  At the beginning of the film Vivian is a completely different person than by the end.  She is cruder and does not know in many ways how to be a lady.  Though lord knows I cannot say anything because I still want to sit with my legs open while wearing a dress.  My point is though we do not have to ideally sit by and watch life pass us by.  We can take steps to better ourselves and our lives even if it takes longer than we expected.

But ultimately, the thing I love the most about Pretty Woman is watching the development of Edward through Vivian.  As much as people feel that Vivian needed Edward, he needed her as well.  Before Vivian, Edward was a bit of a shark who did not know how to say the words, “I’m taking a day off.” We must remember that we cannot become complacent in life and going through a mere routine.  Just because something was right in one area of our life does not mean it has to repeat or is the end game for another similar area of our life.  We have to learn to roll with the punches. We have to learn that every now and then it is okay to relax.  More importantly though we have to remember that sometimes it is okay to be recused and be recused in return.

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