A Year Later – How a Movie Won Over The Highway Men on ‘The Walking Dead.’

Lately, I have been thinking about a post I made two years ago as of yesterday. A year before we knew there would be a global pandemic. A year before, I had to face the fact that some of the talking points I laid out in my article, How a Movie Won Over The Highway Men on ‘The Walking Dead’ would become somewhat true. The crazy part is I remember the last time I went to see a film in a theater– the exact day. It was March 12, 2020, and I saw two films that night. I saw The Hunt, and I saw Bloodshot. And since I saw Bloodshot first, the last film I saw in theaters was The Hunt

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Speak your mind even if your voice shakes

I feel like I ghosted my own site for a couple of days last week.  My apologies to all of you.  That is mostly due to letting a text I received earlier in the week get to me in ways I never wanted something to affect me.  Feeling vulnerable is not easy.  People make feeling vulnerable out to be this easy task, but the truth is it’s not.  I did not want to speak about the majority of how I felt because admitting those feelings made them true.  But the truth is as good as I was feeling, just like that I felt worthless all over again.  I felt, and continue to feel, as if I’m not good enough in certain areas of my life.  People’s words are far more degrading and condensing than they might intend for them to be and the receiver is often left wondering how to take them.  We are left being told that everything will be okay ultimately because the same person who just made us feel this way says so.  If only.

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Good customer service is important

A friend of mine and I were talking recently about good customer service.  I also talked to a man from the company, Power, we purchased new windows from about this as well.  he pointed out to me that most of the time the main time people want to leave a review is when something has gone wrong.  I couldn’t disagree with this, but I also haven’t gone out of my way to leave bad reviews online either.  Most of the time in fact I try to leave good reviews about the experiences I have places.  I especially love being able to say, “This place has the best customer service.”  The goal of any company is to build a solid relationship with their customer(s) because that is what makes us loyal consumers.  We will always go back to a place where we had good experiences.  We will always go back to places that fix a mistake.  While I cannot say I am breaking up with Moviepass, I paid for the annual pass back in December so I’m with ’em at least until then, I can understand why people are breaking up with this company currently.

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Scream film review

Scream (1996) was a token part of my teenage years. This might sound strange or even pathetic to some, but just like yesterday there is a memory of sitting in my room, glued to my small television set in awe of the opening sequence. Who could believe that Drew Barrymore was not going make it through in the entire film? The opening scene even ranked in Bravo’s 100 Scariest Movie Moments at number 13. And despite the number of horror films I already viewed at my young age, I can still remember yelling at my television that Jason Voorhees was the killer in Friday the 13th along with Casey Becker. The correct answer of course is Mrs. Voorhees, which made me feel like a complete idiot.  I got a horror trivia question wrong and played right into the killer’s hands!

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What is your favorite musical?

Considering that the challenge I chose to do was was a thirty day challenge, I felt the need to challenge myself in this thirty-one day month.  Some would probably say that was when I played catch up last weekend, but nope.  I was determined to come up with a subject to write about for day thirty-one.  After looking over what I have already written about, I debated on writing about my favorite hero.  After all, I shared my favorite villain so that makes sense.  However, I soon realized that I have yet in my thirty day challenge to talk about any musical outside of my guilty pleasure film.  How is this even possible?  How can there be a movie challenge that does not ask me about my favorite musical?!  I know some of you are probably shocked, considering how much I love horror, to learn that I love musicals just as much.  The truth is though Singin’ in the Rain is the film that truly made me love movies.  I fell in love in that classroom trailer watching this one in music class on the smallest television ever.  If I were not enamored by cinema prior, Singin’ in the Rain solidified my love for movies. Continue reading “What is your favorite musical?”

What is your least favorite movie?

Remember how earlier on in this challenge I revealed that I often times say, “This movie has these actors in it so how can it be bad?” and how I tend to set myself up to be let down with that phrase?  The movie I am about to speak about is a perfect example to this phrase.  I fell into this trap after listening to a friend of mine whose favorite movie was Meet Joe Black.  I love Anthony Hopkins so I thought that there was no way he would be in a bad film.  After all, most of the films I had seen with Mr. Hopkins up to that point were amazing.  This is the one that proved me wrong despite the fact that he was amazing in the feature just like in all the others. Continue reading “What is your least favorite movie?”

What is a movie that changed your opinion about something?

If you were born in the eighties there were two very prevalent events that occurred in the nineties that were shoved down your throat.  One of those events was the OJ Simpson trail.  Chances are your mom watched it. My mom did and went to her grave saying Simpson was innocent.  The other though involved figure skating.  For some reason when I was growing up the winter Olympics were a much bigger deal than not.  Actually, I would say figure skating in general was a bigger deal than it is now for whatever reason.  Maybe that tide is changing, but regardless I remember most people were enamored with figure skating once upon a time.  This of course brings to the Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding scandal.  We were all told essentially when we were young that Tonya Harding was this horrible person and we should not like her for what happened to Kerrigan.  However, after watching I, Tonya, I’m sort of conflicted with if she is that horrible person we were once told about in the nineties.

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What movie has the best soundtrack?

There are plenty of movie soundtracks I have fallen in love with over the years.  I even have some soundtracks that friends have bought me because they have assumed that I liked the film so therefore would enjoy the soundtrack. They of course have not been entirely wrong in their thought process.  I even own a couple of television soundtracks.  The truth is depending on the movie, a soundtrack or a musical score can make or break the tone.  Could you imagine Jaws without it’s iconic score?  Or Halloween without Carpenter’s masterpiece?  What about Dirty Dancing without “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” or Pretty Woman without hearing “Pretty Woman?” Me either.  And the truth is part of what I loved about the original Footloose was the music.  I think that is why they knew they had to use some of the same music in the updated version, despite the fact they made the soundtrack country at it’s core.  Regardless, the original Footloose‘s soundtrack stands the test of time.  Or at least it does for me, which is why it is the movie I have chosen that has the best soundtrack. Continue reading “What movie has the best soundtrack?”

What is your favorite guilty pleasure movie?

We all have those movies from our childhood we cannot stir clear from once we are older.  They make their way back into our lives time and time again.  Most of the time we can quote these films, or at least parts of them, because we know them by heart.  We know the upcoming scene even if it has been three years since we bothered watching the film.  I will admit with this one I watched this and the end of its predecessor the weekend before my birthday this year.  This was due in good part because they were both on one of the movie channels and played back to back and because I love this film.  My cousin Tiffany showed me this film for the first time and I believe I kept her VHS copy of the film until my dad bought me my own copy.  I basically held her copy of Grease 2 hostage when we were younger.  Should I regret that?  No.  Should I feel bad for this?  Probably so, but when you are looking for a dream on a mean machine with hell in his eyes you don’t play by the rules! Continue reading “What is your favorite guilty pleasure movie?”

What is your favorite classic movie?

Classic cinema is always something that has intrigued me. Over the years I have watched many films that are considered classics. There were even films that I can remember watching that my friends refused to watch because they were in black-and-white. Anything that wasn’t in color wasn’t accepted. This is something I’ve never been able to understand as a movie buff because these people are missing out on so many good films. I remember while studying film in college my professor showed me the Hitchcock classic Rear Window. From that moment on, I fell in love with the magic that not only Hitchcock created but I understood why everyone loved Jimmy Stewart and found a deep appreciation for Grace Kelly. Continue reading “What is your favorite classic movie?”

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