What is your favorite musical?

Considering that the challenge I chose to do was was a thirty day challenge, I felt the need to challenge myself in this thirty-one day month.  Some would probably say that was when I played catch up last weekend, but nope.  I was determined to come up with a subject to write about for day thirty-one.  After looking over what I have already written about, I debated on writing about my favorite hero.  After all, I shared my favorite villain so that makes sense.  However, I soon realized that I have yet in my thirty day challenge to talk about any musical outside of my guilty pleasure film.  How is this even possible?  How can there be a movie challenge that does not ask me about my favorite musical?!  I know some of you are probably shocked, considering how much I love horror, to learn that I love musicals just as much.  The truth is though Singin’ in the Rain is the film that truly made me love movies.  I fell in love in that classroom trailer watching this one in music class on the smallest television ever.  If I were not enamored by cinema prior, Singin’ in the Rain solidified my love for movies.

Day 31: Your favorite musical – Singin’ in the Rain

As stated above, the first time I viewed Singin’ in the Rain was in the third grade.  I remember sitting in the music trailer and she told us that she was going to show us a musical the next couple of classes that changed her life.  I wish I could remember that particular teacher’s name but time has not been my friend in that manner.  What I do remember though is being upset that we had to go back to our day of what was dubbed essential learning for the day.  I wanted to stay in the trailer.  I wanted to watch this movie that was nothing short of spectacular even on a small television screen.  I wanted to lay there and learn more about Don Lockwood, Cosmo Brown, Kathy Seldan, and even Lina Lamont.  I did not get my way though.  Upon finally finishing the film in class I felt a little sad because I found myself wanting to watch it all over again.

Often times when I saw the film on a television channel, I would beg my mom to watch Singin’ in the Rain.  It got to the point that I’m positive she hated that film as much as Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  Maybe my mom just had something against most musicals.  Or maybe I really did kill the films for her.  Now I’m wondering if she ever felt that way about the ninja turtles.  That is not the point though.  I remember when I watched my Godson later on in life I brought Singin’ in the Rain over as well as Drop Dead Fred.  Before he chose to watch Drop Dead Fred he asked if we could watch the Cosmo movie again.  I was shocked he had enjoyed the film as much as I had when I was younger and I said of course.  I believe that was when my mom went upstairs to talk to her sister as we stayed and laughed at various moments in the film.

There was also a part of me that was pleased he had taken to Cosmo because he was always my favorite growing up.  I now cannot help but think is because he was beyond sarcastic.  Cosmo did not play in regard to how he felt about anything or anyone.  And how can someone not appreciate “Make ‘Em Laugh?”  I don’t think anyone can deny the brilliance of that particular scene.  And though Donald O’Connor was merely twenty-seven years old when the sequence was filmed he was also a smoker. Between the physical demands of the scene and his smoking habits, O’Connor was bedridden for days after filming.  His dedication produced a scene though that stays with us and has since been duplicated by many people throughout the years.  It is also the pinnacle of physical comedy routines at this point in time.  And despite the fact that I know I would probably break something attempting this even at my ideal weight, this is the one scene in the film I would never think to touch.

Likewise, filling Gene Kelly’s shoes would be beyond intimidating.  There are so many classic moments within the film based around Don Lockwood, but nothing more famous than his “Singin’ in the Rain” number itself.  This has been used in commercials, an amazing mashup on Glee was formed by using this song, and I would venture to say we have all tried to mimic this particular scene.  Any time I had to walk to my car while it was raining on campus when I was in college, I always would swing around the lampposts available.  I’m still shocked I did not manage to injury myself.  Granted, I never attempted to jump up on the base and lean out while singing, but I did find myself singing most of the time in the rain while walking to my car.  Most of the time people were not around, but even if they are I don’t regret my actions.  I also would stomp around in puddles and splash the way he did, but I’ve never attempted the tricky sidewalk work.

Additionally, I loved the character of Kathy Seldan.  She was not razzled or dazzled by Don Lockwood initially.  She only did what she wanted to do ultimately and that was unheard of during that area.  In a lot of ways I feel that Kathy was one of the ultimate feminists of her time far more than Lina Lamont who constantly depended on a man in her life to guide her career.  And in the moment that Kathy felt trapped she was willing to walk away from the company instead of moving forward with the company who was basically putting her on the back burner thanks to Lina’s demands.  Thankfully that did not occur and a new star was born based on her talents.  Talents that Don made sure the world knew about even if Kathy might have felt embarrassed at first by the actions Don, Cosmo, and R.F. took.  She was willing to give up a career to stand for her principles.  If that’s not inspiring then I don’t know what is at the end of the day.

Ultimately, Singin’ in the Rain has taught me many things over the years.  I find myself watching the film at least once every two years.  I cannot go longer without watching this film.  The fact is I don’t want to go any longer than that to watch this fantastic film.  I even found myself going to see Singin’ in the Rain on the silver screen for it’s 60th anniversary release in theaters thanks to TCM (Turner Classic Movies) and Fathom Events.  It was by far one of the best moments I’ve experience in theaters despite having to remind myself not to sing and let others around me enjoy the movie that we have all come to love over the years.  The drive to Atlanta was worth seeing this film presented how it was meant to be seen.  Plus, I drove to numerous locations before giving up and ordering the special anniversary addition of the box-set online for this particular film as well.  The truth is Singin’ in the Rain will always hold a special place in my heart. Without fail it always brings out a glorious feeling inside of me and let ms know I’m happy again. So bring on the rain, I’ve got a smile on my face that no one can take away when I’ve got the power of this film on my side.

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  1. I love Singin’ in the Rain. I am as a matter of fact a musical theatre fanatic.

    As for my favorite musical, I have to always respond with two musicals: ever since 2006, Wicked was my favorite musical. Then Les Mis would impact my life in a way I never though possible. These two musicals are tied at the moment for my favorite musical.

    Now musicals I love: Les Mis, Wicked, Singing in the Rain, Beauty and the Beast, Newsies, Sound of Music, Annie, South Pacific, Phantom of the Opera, Music Man, Man of La Mancha, Fiddler on the Roof, Pippin, Rent among others. I just really love musicals.


    1. I remember I had a professor one time tell me he hated that film, but loved my paper on it. And all I could think was, “HOW CAN YOU HATE THAT MOVIE?!” and not, “Oh that’s awesome I made you at least enjoy my paper.” There is not a lot better than being able to watch or see a great musical.

      I want a chance to be able to see both of those live. I will admit I’ve listened to the Wicked soundtrack far too often and I do love when I put my music on shuffle that random songs from that as well as other musicals will just pop up and leave my co-worker looking at me for a second with that look of “What the hell are you listening to?” Both are great choices for a favorite musical.

      You are making me want to go home and watch most of the musicals I own. The only time I’ve seen Pippin was my college production and I’ve been in love with it ever since. I was in a music class at the time and it was required viewing for the class and I’m SO glad it was because it’s an amazing musical. All of the ones you listed are amazing. Sadly I haven’t been able to see a lot of musical productions, but I always go to the theater to see whatever new production has been brought to the movies. I wish Fathom Events would at least offer a couple a year from Broadway. I would go see those in a heartbeat.

      Which musicals have you seen theater productions for?


      1. Stage Shows I saw Live (Ones I remember/loved): Wicked (4x), Les Mis (5x), Pippin, Sound of Music, Annie, Newsies (2x), Rent, Oklahoma, Grease, Mamma Mia, Music Man, Phantom of the Opera, Godspell.

        Yes, I saw other live ones, but either I didn’t like them or don’t remember seeing seeing them


      2. Man I’m envious! I think Newsies would be absolutely amazing to see and I have to admit I’m beyond bummed that I did not catch the touring company of Hamilton. I’d love to see Phantom and Rent (again) because those definitely hold a special place in my heart. Mamma Mia does as well but I think I would just end up bawling because of my mom and it would be ugly.

        I feel that way about certain movies, not gonna lie.


      3. I am going to see Lion King in September. It would be my 2nd time seeing: well more like my 1st because I don’t remember the 1st because I was way too young to even remember seeing it


      4. One of my best friends was talking about how she wants to see that again because the tickets she got were really high up. And she said while she loved it she feels that it would have been spectacular if she were closer. I’m currently trying to talk someone into going to see Aladdin with me.


      5. I want to see Aladdin when it comes to Charlotte next year. I have to rely on all of these touring productions.


      6. You and me both. I’m from Georgia so I’m trying to become more aware at what is coming to The Fox instead of just concerts and conventions I want to to around the city.


      7. I’m from North Carolina, but luckily live in Charlotte, a popular stop for tours


      8. I did not just see musicals in Charlotte (Belk Theater and Ovens Auditorium).

        Peace Center in Greenville. Mom and I saw Phantom of the Opera. Gardner Webb is in Boiling Springs, NC, which is about one hr or so away and last yr student activities took us to see Les Mis. So I saw two musicals at the Peace Center.

        The Fox Theater at St. Louis, I saw Annie. I saw it as a date with Grandma.

        2006. I was at the Gershwin Theater in New York City seeing Wicked.

        Up there are the professional theaters I saw in United States. Bottom is one there, but not in the US.

        Then there is the Queen’s Theater in the West End. Fulfilled my dream of seeing Les Mis in London three years ago.


      9. I wish I could say the same thing. Most of the events I’ve been to are in Atlanta or at least in Georgia. I’ve never gone to a convention, concert, or show outside of Atlanta. I would love the opportunity to go though because it sounds like you’ve had amazing experiences everywhere and every theater is different.

        I did recently see Cats on the cruise I went on earlier this year and I loved it, but most people I went with did not. I think that’s the only other destination I’ve been to though. They had a lot of various shows in the same theater. It was spectacular and reminded me how much I love going to the theater.

        I’m definitely envious of the London trip. I have always wanted to go to London. I actually want to go to a lot of places overseas, but that is not the point. I think that is awesome you were able to fulfill that dream!


      10. About London, I wish I could have spent longer in London: I only was in London 4 and 1/2 days. I was only in England because my family church’s choir was in residence at Bristol Cathedral so I spent a longer time at Bristol than London. So if I ever get back to England, I want to spend my entire time in London


      11. I feel the same way about Puerto Rico. I want to go back there some day and really explore it because we didn’t have a ton of time to do much of anything due to the ship being docked there for a limited amount of time. Did you enjoy Bristol as well?


      12. I was very nervous about leaving London because I never really knew Bristol. The pilgrims did have some day trips.

        In our London days, we got to spend time at Windsor Castle, walking tour throughout London, Evensong at Westminster to prepare us for what is come at Bristol Cathedral, Eucharist at St. Paul’s. That was basically London with the church. The extra two days was for the family to get well adjusted to London and so that I can live my dream of seeing Les Mis.

        It took some time till I really learned to love Bristol. It is a nice town. Our hotel was an amazing walking distance to Bristol Cathedral. Every day except for the last two full days, we had day trips outside of Bristol. Bath, Berkeley Castle, Old Sarum, Stonehenge (my mountain-top moment), Salisbury Cathedral (Evensong), Tintern Abbey and Chepstow (both were in Wales). None of that was the best part of the pilgrimage. The best part of the pilgrimage was nothing we did, but the fellowship that was created: nothing we did would have had the impact if it wasn’t for the fellowship.

        While the fellowship was the best part of the pilgrimage, Les Mis was the best of the entire trip. What I loved about Les Mis happening the day before the pilgrimage was that like the pilgrimage, it was a spiritual journey. So I went from Jean Valjean’s spiritual journey to my spiritual journey.


  2. Thanks for a thoughtful and personal exploration of how this wonderful, joyous film. It got me thinking of a film that has affected me and my life in such a magical way, and I guess I would say that Funny Girl fits the bill for me. Thanks again for a well written blog!


    1. Thank you! I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. Is there any particular moment in Funny Girl you would say has influenced you the most? You are welcome. I’m glad you enjoyed it.


      1. No particular moment. I’ve always identified with the character of Fanny Brice because she is an outsider who doesn’t look like others but is a success, perhaps because of these very differences.


      2. That makes complete sense to me. I personally love characters like that as well. It’s so nice to just see something different in my opinion. Of course I also love films that provide women powerful female role models. Or women that completely turn their life around when they hit rock bottom. Those films are far more important than people realize.

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