‘Rocketman’ Film Review: Biopic Perfection

From the moment I saw the first trailer for Rocketman, I knew I had to see this film in theaters. In my heart, I knew this biopic would be magical. My expectations were beyond high as I entered the theater. The film did not disappoint. By the time we left, I felt beyond energized. Elton John immediately put on in the car. The words I wanted to say about the film started to race through my mind with urgency. One word came to mind. One term has remained with me since. Perfection.

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What is your favorite musical?

Considering that the challenge I chose to do was was a thirty day challenge, I felt the need to challenge myself in this thirty-one day month.  Some would probably say that was when I played catch up last weekend, but nope.  I was determined to come up with a subject to write about for day thirty-one.  After looking over what I have already written about, I debated on writing about my favorite hero.  After all, I shared my favorite villain so that makes sense.  However, I soon realized that I have yet in my thirty day challenge to talk about any musical outside of my guilty pleasure film.  How is this even possible?  How can there be a movie challenge that does not ask me about my favorite musical?!  I know some of you are probably shocked, considering how much I love horror, to learn that I love musicals just as much.  The truth is though Singin’ in the Rain is the film that truly made me love movies.  I fell in love in that classroom trailer watching this one in music class on the smallest television ever.  If I were not enamored by cinema prior, Singin’ in the Rain solidified my love for movies. Continue reading “What is your favorite musical?”

What is your favorite guilty pleasure movie?

We all have those movies from our childhood we cannot stir clear from once we are older.  They make their way back into our lives time and time again.  Most of the time we can quote these films, or at least parts of them, because we know them by heart.  We know the upcoming scene even if it has been three years since we bothered watching the film.  I will admit with this one I watched this and the end of its predecessor the weekend before my birthday this year.  This was due in good part because they were both on one of the movie channels and played back to back and because I love this film.  My cousin Tiffany showed me this film for the first time and I believe I kept her VHS copy of the film until my dad bought me my own copy.  I basically held her copy of Grease 2 hostage when we were younger.  Should I regret that?  No.  Should I feel bad for this?  Probably so, but when you are looking for a dream on a mean machine with hell in his eyes you don’t play by the rules! Continue reading “What is your favorite guilty pleasure movie?”

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