What is your favorite comedy?

I have an odd memory when it comes to movies.  I tend to remember who I have seen what film with over the years.  This is especially true when it comes to going to the theater.  In fact, I can tell you that in 1995 I somehow talked my dad into going to see Clueless.  I cannot remember what had me so determined to watch this one in theaters, but I suppose that is besides the point.  And while there are many comedies I find myself watching over and over again when they air on television, Clueless has always been my must see film.  I even remember going from store to store upon the initial DVD release one Christmas because I was begging people to take my money so I could retire my poor VHS copy.  And while I think we finally found a copy at Kmart for close to twenty dollars, I still consider it time well spent and money well spent for what has ultimately become my favorite comedy.

Day 6: Your favorite comedy movie – Clueless

As if.  Just kidding.  Clueless really is my favorite comedy, but I could not resist opening up speaking on why below with Cher’s signature saying.  In many ways, Clueless shaped me in more ways than one. I continued to be my nerdy self, but I did so with what I consider style.  Bright colors and plaid have been a staple in my wardrobe for as long as I can remember.  I also had one of those stuffed animal backpacks, multiple feather pens that eventually ended up shedding in classrooms, and envious of the program that matched up outfits in Cher’s closet.  This also started my lifelong crush on Paul Rudd, who I affectionately called Josh from Clueless for far too many years.  IMDB was not my friend in the nineties, nor do I recall if that database existed then either.  None of that is the point though.

Over the years I have taken into account what Josh realizes by the end of the movie.  Cher is not just some girl who goes to the mall.  She’s a far cry more than that.  She shows us that we can still do good even if that good is merely helping someone out on their first day of school.  Granted, now we would have to be taking someone under our wing at the office, but this is still an important lesson that we should all take into consideration.  She really does try.  She truly wants to do good for humanity.  She even donates her skis for goodness’ sake to her school’s Pismo Beach Disaster Relief fundraiser. And that’s not all, she actually puts in more time helping get everything donated and boxed up.  Yes, I realize this was a fictitious thing, but it still proves my point!  She has a good heart.  We should all be attempting or encouraging others to give to charities instead of our pockets.

Granted, I know that is harder than not at times considering I often make the joke that people can donate to the Michelle Is Poor Fund if they so wish.  This is oddly enough how I’ve managed to go to a lot of the events I’ve gone to the past couple of years along with saving my hard earned bucks.  Alice Cooper was right in his book about golf, which my friend told me about and I sadly have not had the chance to read yet, that people should respect their fans who pay money to see them, meet them, etc.  And thankfully I’ve had nothing but glowing experiences I still need to write about, but find it hard not to write about while sounding like I’m bragging.  Wow, I feel like this whole paragraph was channeled by my inner Cher, but I have gotten WAY off course of the original topic.

Clueless is just one of those films that makes me still think of you’re a virgin who can’t drive as an insult.  I cannot say I know of any virgins who can’t drive that aren’t my younger cousins anymore and that would be painfully inappropriate to say to any of them.  Not that I would for the record.  I still want to refer to hot guys as Baldwins because I feel like anyone under the age of thirty is going to look at me and say, “You mean the guy who played Liz Lemon’s boss on 30 Rock.  He’s the definition of hot?”  Yes, him and all his brothers were once upon a time, thank you VERY much.  I still stress about being that tomboy deep down who is ensembly-challenged wearing a dress at times.  Well, not counting that one vacation picture of mine.  I’m still head tilting over how many likes that one picture received.  But above all, I have always ALWAYS wanted to tell the men in my life that I can’t do whatever they are asking of me at that very moment because I’m surfing the crimson wave and must hall ass to the ladies.

The odd thing about adulthood is that we realize how much we actually have to worry and stress about that never plagued us in our youth.  Bills were not a worry.  Drinking from the hose was a thing.  That Blake Shelton song, I Lived It really was the case for the majority of my friends and I.  We are the in between playing outside and being online all the time generation or as Cassie Young from The Bert Show likes to call us, we are The Oregon Trail generation.  Clueless allows us to go back to a time where things were simple and also shocks us as we age and realize that Travis donated a bong made from one of those honey bar jars of honey!  But ultimately, the one thing that Clueless taught me over the years is that my dad enjoys, and enjoyed, the line “I got a .45 and a shovel, I doubt anybody would miss you” a little too much.





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