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My friend and I decided to do a tarot card reading on New Year’s Eve this year. Emotionally last year was a rough year for me. Sometimes I felt as if I were continuously cautioned to keep my arms and legs inside and everything would be okay. The only problem was no one told me I was on the roller-coaster from the film Final Destination 3. Okay. Fine. 2018 was not that bad. At the end of the day I managed to get through last year and I did not go insane. The tarot reading basically told me that I’m on the right path in regard to pursuing my dream. It did tell me that I needed to consider letting the other one go though this year.

The odd part is it also reminded me to not get so wound up in logic that I forget to have fun. The funny part of this is I purchased a planner I have never purchased before. I always purchase a one year planner I can shove into my purse. I tried a couple of years ago to get super organized and just buy refills and that does not work for me. It just doesn’t. I wish it did considering the money I feel I wasted on supplies, but it doesn’t. Instead I bought a two year planner that doubles over as a journal in a way. I absolutely love it. I have used stickers and I am constantly writing myself notes. I’m reminding myself that it’s okay if I don’t meet goals because I’m not overwhelmed.

Here in lies the problem. I have told myself that a little too often for my liking. So I have to get back to where I am making a daily to do list, but not mapping out my entire week. That was a tiny mistake. I’m learning how to adjust to this breakdown so my days aren’t mapped out minute by minute. I’m allowed to do whatever I want within reason. No cliff jumping or anything of that sorts. Let’s face it another way existed to break a bone I would have figured it out by now. Sometimes I feel like Elijah from Unbreakable, but less murdery, because of all the broken bones I’ve had in my lifetime. This is nothing compared to him, but still.

I’ve decided part of my goal is to write about something in here at least every other day. Even if that something is an insane conversation I’ve had with my cats or my dog. Just something. In doing so, I want to start linking to the posts I’ve been making on Fanfest as well. Bare with me as I figure out how to maneuver the new block feature on WordPress by the way. I’m trying!

For now I have my reviews grouped together, my news pieces grouped together, and my opinion piece all by its lonesome in a list format. These are all from either January or December of last year. If you want to go further back into my archives on the Fanfest site you can do so by clicking here. If not, just look around their site as Fanfest contains some amazing writers featured daily besides myself.

Without further adieu here are some of my most recent pieces.

Finally, I feel the need to wrap up with the fact that I’ve been invited to be a part of a horror anthology and I’m very much looking forward to writing my short story. I know it’s going to take a lot of time and energy but I’m working toward getting this piece published. I have a general idea of where I want to go with the story. I just need to sit down and plot when I plan on writing it, which I’m hoping to do most of in February. For now though that’s it for Michelle Writes. Stay tuned for more. I promise it will be worth it.

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