Strange conversations with dad a billion weekends ago

I’m not sure why I never posted this but I feel I should now. Think back to September 2nd of 2018 and you will now know what I did on that very day with my father.

I’m not sure how I have managed it, but I have had a rather lazy weekend.  Maybe that is because I have not been feeling up to par, but I have been grateful for all the sleep I have managed to get this weekend.  Though a nap today completely ruined my idea of hanging out at the movie theater today on my day off.  I suppose that’s okay. 

I was at least able to catch one movie this weekend and lounge around catching up, and finally finishing the last season of Ash vs. Evil Dead.  This has lead to some rather odd conversations with my dad this weekend though as one can imagine.  Please note that if you have not seen the film Searching there are spoilers are below.

After Searching:

Me: So if I went missing and some detective told you I had ran away would you believe her?  Or would have believed her back then?

Dad: No.  I would never believe anyone who told me that you ran away.

Me: And you could continue to search for me even after the case was closed even if they told you I was dead?

Dad: I would never give up on you until there was a body.

Me: That’s love right there.

Dad: Searching for your dead body…yep that’s love.

Me: [practically skipping in the AMC parking lot] But she wasn’t dead!  And you would sense that I were still alive and continue searching for me BECAUSE THAT’S LOVE!

Dad: Of course I would!  I didn’t say I would believe you were dead…get in the car Michelle.

Me: Fine…

He claims that he wouldn’t give up searching for me, but now I’m not so sure. I constantly want to look at him with side eyes for about a week just to ensure that he thinks differently if I go missing. I don’t want to become a mole woman. I also don’t want to be thrown into a canyon somewhere either. SERIOUSLY COME LOOK FOR ME DAD!

In all fairness….I see why I didn’t post this once upon a time. I know my dad would use all of his resources and never give up on attempting to find me. However, I wouldn’t be his daughter if I didn’t give him a hard time. Insert shrug here.

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