Crying Wolf Keeps Oliver Trapped In A Room

I’ve got my home office, which doubles over as my workout space, the way I want it for the most part. Once my uncle can practice carpentry again, I’m going to have him build me some shelves. Once I have the shelves, I will display about a thousand items I have collected over the years. I also want to paint the room yellow; there’s something I thought I would NEVER type, take up the carpet in there if there’s hardwood underneath, and shine it up real good. I probably will get a rug, but I’m getting new curtains at some point. These ideas are all in my head right now, alongside a much-needed new desk. Patience is a virtue right now in my case. I know that eventually, this will all look the way I want it to look. The other thing I know is I want to change up my actual bedroom some too, but that’s another blog post for another day.

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Willow Will Not Let The Past Haunt Me

Early Friday morning last week, I started and finished “To Drink Coffee with a Ghost (Things that Haunt, #2)” by Amanda Lovelace. I think the great thing about most poetry books is that you can start and finish them in one sitting, but they are almost always there to reexplore on your shelf, but I’ve found it’s been hard to check out a lot of poetry from the library that I am attracted to at places like Target and whatnot. Thankfully, in this case, I was able to check this book out from the library, and now I want to own it, possibly the series. 

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Morning Showers Brings the Kitties to the Bathroom

This morning I knew I had to get up and take a shower. Right now the air in our house is not working so it is a must that I take a shower before bed or in the morning. It depends just how sweaty I get during my walk. Nine times out of ten it is before bed and until our air gets fixed I find it wise to take a shower in the morning too. In the morning I typically have two cats all YO MAMA I NEED ALL THE ATTENTION ON ME BEFORE YOU GO TO WORK. Then of course when I go to cuddle with one of them, Oliver, he looks at me like WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! I DID NOT JUMP ON YOU FOR CUDDLES EVEN THOUGH I LAID ON YOUR CHEST. HOW DARE YOU. 

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Self Reflection is Needed for Everyone

Any time I’m depressed I tend to go through my life and attempt some sort of self reflection. Regardless of depression or not I feel that this is something important that we should all do at some point or another. We need to know that we’re okay. We need to discover what is bothering us and be able to pinpoint it. If we don’t then this delays us in being able to develop and find coping mechanisms that work for us in order to help us move forward in life. So while I am marching forward and making myself get out of bed each morning I found myself thinking I probably need to go see a therapist. Even though typing out my last entry helped me tremendously, and others which makes me happy but sad others know this pain at the same time, I feel I need more help than just writing it out.

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My friend will kill your cat in the zombie apocalypse

Since one my friends has started watching The Walking Dead we tend to put ourselves in zombie apocalypse scenarios.  Obviously we would kick ass and take names and survive it!  Duh! Just so you all know I will be at one of my cousin’s houses, which will require me to travel around a mountain to get there, ’cause traveling up it scares the bajesus out of me.  Continue reading “My friend will kill your cat in the zombie apocalypse”

No one puts kitty in the closet

Most mornings my routine is filled with feeding kitties, petting my dogs, getting dressed, and praying my coffee kicks in for everyone else around me.  That’s the real reason I drink coffee you see.  It’s not because I like the stuff, it’s for you guys.  Continue reading “No one puts kitty in the closet”

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