Frailty film review

Back in 2001, a friend and I made our way out to watch Frailty on the big screen. Immediately after viewing the film, Frailty has been one of my favorite films and one I recommend to anyone who has not seen it. The film is more of a psychological thriller rather than a true horror film, but aspects of the film are quite horrific. Frailty manages to add an extra layer into the psychological reasoning for committing these murders making it an unique and underrated film. Besides, films that make me think are always going to be my cup of tea over films that do not. After all, every now and then one’s mind needs a good challenge.

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Who is your favorite actor?

This is such a loaded question for me.  I don’t know that I have an overall favorite actor.  This has changed over the years many times.  In high school I would say I enjoyed films from what I affectionately call the Brit Bunch.  Continue reading “Who is your favorite actor?”

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