Who is your favorite movie villain?

I should start by saying that today’s question on the original challenge was not a question I could answer ultimately.  There are not any movies that I used to love that I now hate.  There is not a film that I actually would go as far to say that I hate.  So I decided to write about my favorite movie villain today.  This is a much harder question to answer somehow.  I truly believe that a good hero needs a good villain.  The problem is nine times out of ten I always find myself loving the villain of most films.  Continue reading “Who is your favorite movie villain?”

Halloween film review

While taking my first film class at Kennesaw State University our professor announced that the whole class was going to take part in watching a horror film on Halloween. The class got the chance to vote on various films, but deep down I hoped we would be watching the John Carpenter classic, Halloween. Continue reading “Halloween film review”

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