What movie has left you feeling disappointed?

Last year on my birthday I thought I was sitting down to see one of the scariest movies I’ve seen in decades.  I was hoping for another film like The Conjuring.  One that gives an explanation while using the power of shadows and our imagination.  A film with a build of up a creature that does not disappoint by the end with bad CGI.  The film I was expecting was about a disease that takes us over and creates a creature we cannot identify with by the time the disease courses through us.  What little did I know is that whoever edited the trailer for It Comes at Night is the most brilliant editor in Hollywood. Continue reading “What movie has left you feeling disappointed?”

Why it is difficult to lose anyone in the zombie apocalypse

Please note if you have not watched the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead, spoilers lie ahead.  Now that my warning is out of the way… Continue reading “Why it is difficult to lose anyone in the zombie apocalypse”

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