What movie has left you feeling disappointed?

Last year on my birthday I thought I was sitting down to see one of the scariest movies I’ve seen in decades.  I was hoping for another film like The Conjuring.  One that gives an explanation while using the power of shadows and our imagination.  A film with a build of up a creature that does not disappoint by the end with bad CGI.  The film I was expecting was about a disease that takes us over and creates a creature we cannot identify with by the time the disease courses through us.  What little did I know is that whoever edited the trailer for It Comes at Night is the most brilliant editor in Hollywood.

Day 18: A movie that disappointed you the most – It Comes at Night

I’ve heard from a lot of people that It Comes at Night is a deep film that most people do not understand.  People don’t appreciate it the way they should.  I can tell you that I understand the film and still do not appreciate it.  In fact, I kind of wish there was at least a way to get my time back since I’m positive a theater won’t refund your money for a film you hated.  After all, if they had to do that then I’m certain most theaters would not exist at all.  I’m also determined that most production studios would be bankrupt somehow.  I’m sure it is all part of the system that I do not understand.  Either way, my friends and I attempted to make sense of the film.  We complained that nothing came at night.  We admitted that something did in fact come at night, which was paranoia.  We admitted that the only thing that comes at night is this horribly contagious outbreak.

Although this may be true, without answers that audiences are lead to believe that we will attain by the end of the film, we are sucked into this vortex of time that leaves us letting out a heavy sigh by the end.  A sigh of relief.  There’s no true purpose.  Where did this disease come from?  When did this outbreak begin?  I kept believing that somehow this film would change direction.  I kept assuming that the film would reveal all these things and more.  Instead, I found myself gasping as the paranoia of Paul and his family, Travis (son) and Sarah (wife), takes over ultimately making them kill Paul, Kim, and their son Andrew.  Ultimately, what bothers me the most is wondering if Paul, Kim, and Andrew were really infected.  Was their paranoia warranted?  This is never an answer we will attain.  Was Travis, Paul’s son, hallucinating Andrew’s sickness?  Or maybe he was projecting his own sickness on Andrew.

While I understand a movie making me think, and sometimes I enjoy a good film that allows me to interpret the ending for myself, I do not feel I should have to answer every single question that arises in the movie.  I mean if that is the case I feel I should have been the one who wrote the film.  Granted, just because this film was not for me does not mean it’s not for you.  The critics gave this film glowing reviews.  Most people I know who have taken a chance and watched the feature ends up feeling the same way my friends and I did.  Just know going in there are no answers.  Know going in there will be a need, or desire, to provide a narrative for these characters.  Realize that you will want more for these characters.  And ultimately, remember to have a Disney film all queued up at home and ready to go afterward.  Because if this film does nothing else your faith in humanity will be destroyed.

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