Stop making others say Me Too

When the Me Too movement started I knew I wanted to write something. It has taken me this long to truly collect my thoughts. Unfortunately, I don’t know many women who cannot say that phrase. We all have dealt with objectification to unwanted advances over the years. We all have a story to tell. There should not be a time limit on that story if it’s one with no resolve. I say this because over the years society has created a stigma when it comes to saying anything to anyone for fear they would have to face a trial. 

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A vagina does not make me less important

I think one of the hardest things about being a female at times is being treated lesser than because of my sex.  This does not occur with every person, but it does not strictly come from men either.  There are other women who are just as bad toward other women in this regard.  Continue reading “A vagina does not make me less important”

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