A vagina does not make me less important

I think one of the hardest things about being a female at times is being treated lesser than because of my sex.  This does not occur with every person, but it does not strictly come from men either.  There are other women who are just as bad toward other women in this regard.  Sexism is beyond ridiculous.  And it  makes me think back to when Ross on Friends was trying to answer the question what occupation a woman cannot partake in and the only answer Joey could come up with definitively is be a penis model.  That’s true.  Without a dildo that isn’t possible and even then…not really the same.  So yeah, not gonna be penis modeling anytime soon.  Or vagina modeling for that matter.  Why I felt the need to clarify this I don’t know.


Being treated less than is one of the worst feelings.  I mean the worst.  No one wants to have this constant feeling of having someone sticking their nose into the air as they walk by you because you are no better than the gum that ends up on the bottom of their shoe.  And yes, people make their sexism that blatantly obvious.  There are what I consider simple cases and severe cases.  For instance, I had a woman call the other day and flat out ask to talk to a man in the office because I did not have the information she needed.  My co-worker did.  My female co-worker.  For me what was so disheartening about this is knowing she has probably gone through the same.  And sometimes it gets to me more than others and I’ll be damned if it didn’t make me feel worse than when men do the same.

Then of course there is someone not listening to the words coming out of my mouth unless a man tells them to do the same thing I’ve requested on multiple occasions.  I mean verbatim.  Until then, my request is obviously  not a big deal and can be brushed off and not affect them in any shape or form.  Wrong.  There are consequences to everything people.  And I know it sounds crazy but sometimes, just sometimes I know what the hell I’m talking about.  I’m not claiming to know everything, I don’t.  I’m not a genius. And honestly, in case others might take my words as me throwing facts out there, everything I write is opinion based.

Now with that said, it saddens me there are still men in the world who look at women and think you need to be barefoot and pregnant in my kitchen!  His dinner needs to be on the kitchen table as he walks through the door, the whole house should be clean, and slippers and a tablet should be brought to him so he can read the news.  I know you just read that and thought of an image of the fifties, sans the tablet, and that is my point.  This is such an old fashioned mindset.  Women do not have to be complaisant.  We can run the show and not be dubbed bossy at the same time.  Yet, I would like to point out that if a woman takes charge they are dubbed bossy and a man that does the same thing is a boss.  There’s no difference.  Stop making there be a difference!

And for the love of all things holy do not tell me not to worry my pretty little head over it.  Do not talk condescending to me because you think I’m being too emotional.  I’m not constantly on my period.  Believe it or not I get upset about things because I’m passionate about everything in my life.  I want to do a good job at work.  I want to continue on a weight loss journey to be healthy.  I want to form my own opinions and in doing so I am going to have subjects I am more passionate about at the end of the day.  If I am being entirely honest, I am a passionate person.  Having a vagina or a monthly flow does not change that aspect of my personality.

Ultimately, the next time you ask to speak to a male supervisor try to remember there might not be one.  ‘Cause sometimes, believe it or not, that so-called lowly person with the vagina might be the higher up you’re looking for after all.

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