Yelling at my CD player brings it to life

For a while now my radio will randomly shut off.  This has more to do with the CD player in my car and I’m not sure what is wrong with it.  I’m positive this has to do with a wire somehow because while sometimes the CD player just shuts off and other times it shuts off and unlocks/locks my doors.  Either way this has made my mornings and afternoon drives super frustrating.  Some days it doesn’t shut off at all, which is awesome.  Other mornings I feel like I’m a part of a phone call where I’m trying to tell the other person the connection is bad and to stop talking and call me back later. This has prompted a bunch of insane outbursts from me.  Granted, driving in general prompts a bunch of insane outbursts from me, which I will write about at a later time, that includes random profanity I have been trying to use less.

Most of the time once I have yelled this at my CD player it oddly enough does come back on. Regardless, I feel that yelling obscene sayings at my CD player are appropriate responses when all you want to hear is why a bride kicked her bridesmaid out of her bridal party via email and all the other segments that have been super choppy for the past couple of weeks for me.  I also feel this is valid because I use the radio, and coffee, to wake up in the morning.  I need to hear the personalities of The Bert Show so I can wake up people!  I’m much happier when I’m fully awake.  It is not too much to ask for at the end of the day.  I just want to get to work happy and awake so I can do my job.

I’m not sure if people find driving relaxing, but I have found between my CD player and others on the road I am beyond stressed during my commutes.  And sometimes on the way home in the afternoon I will give up on my CD player completely and listen to a book via my tablet. I set it in the console next to me so I can actually hear it, because setting it in the passenger seat doesn’t work.  This past week alone has inspired me to hire a driver if I ever win the lottery.  Actually, if I ever hit the lottery I’m not driving far distances so I will only need to pay someone when I want to travel.  That is SO my goal so I need to start playing the lottery.

Seriously though, I really need to take my car to be inspected at the place I have had all my stereos installed at, but time is the devil.  I have found lately that the days go by so slow lately or far too fast.  There’s no in between.  Even when I get home most of the time the days have seemed to linger a bit more, which I appreciate more than when they linger at work.  Lingering at work is never good.  Then there is a part of me who wonders if I should bother having this looked at because for Christmas my dad wants to get me a new stereo. Have I mentioned I have the best dad ever?  ‘Cause I do.  I don’t know.  I just want to listen to the radio in peace and not yell at my CD player like a crazy person.  That’s all.

Again, not too much to ask for in my humble opinion.  I’m positive my CD player disagrees but it needs to get with the program until it is replaced and put into the Camaro, where it hopefully behaves.  JUST BEHAVE CD PLAYER!

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