Butterflies in the…office

Upon my mother’s death all of my family members at one point or another were harassed by a yellow butterfly. I kept seeing yellow butterflies show up everywhere I went, even on the job interview that landed me my first job. I kept thinking, “How strange.” I of course thought this was stranger upon hearing about my families experiences as well. It wasn’t until today I happened upon a site that speaks of butterflies as omens.

Under the yellow butterfly, the following is listed:

Yellow butterflies are not easy omens as they predict sudden life change. Sailors spotting a yellow butterfly – or for other traditions any butterfly at all – prior embarking, was a sign that this will be their last journey.

However, yellow butterflies are not omens of Death but a sign to wake up, because a New Life is awaiting for us! We need to conjure all our mental clarity as we are going to face a challenge which required our alertness and creativity.

My mom’s death was beyond sudden. She might have been sick and struggled with various health issues, but none of us saw her death coming. There was no set indicator that her life was about to end. I still remember her final words to me. She thanked me for taking care of her and told me she loved me. I thought she was crazy and replied with, “Why wouldn’t I take care of you? You’re my mom. I love you.” I hugged her and that was the last time I spoke with her and had her hug me back.

This is the piece my aunt insisted on buying me.

So I find this particularly strange to read. Needless to say death requires you to be alert and face everything head on. There’s no pass when it comes to death. When I went to Puerto Rico earlier this year I noticed they had a shop called The Butterfly People. My aunt, uncle, and cousins made sure I made it through downtown San Juan and to the shop. I felt overwhelmed in the best way. The artwork was absolutely stunning and one day I hope to go back and purchase a larger piece.

As soon as I saw the piece to the left I was reminded of my mother and myself. I have had four different hair colors in the past four years, bright colors, so this pairing made the most sense to me. My aunt had to leave the store because it was too much for her and I got her receipt and signed for it. I understood her emotions because once I got back to the cabin I had a nice cry in the shower after putting the piece of artwork in my bag to take home.  It isn’t allowed to be a ton of light so I still don’t know where I’m going to place it ultimately, but it will be displayed one day.

img_5631Since then I have randomly had butterflies wander in and out of my life.  Lately I see them all the time.  Various colors, various sizes, all sorts of butterflies.  I’ve read that seeing butterflies means growth, transition, and so many other things.  I feel this is oddly appropriate to my life currently and the butterflies continue to let me know it.  They have flown in front of me, landed on my windshield, and flown around Cocomo and I as we sit outside.  However, last Thursday when I went to the bathroom at work I jumped back slightly as I saw something on the bathroom wall.  I did until I noticed it was a butterfly.

After using the bathroom it followed me so I went to grab a sheet of notebook paper to see if I could get it to go back outside.  Instead it flew into my office and has been here ever since.  It’s favorite spot seems to be my office window, behind the blinds.  Sometimes I can see the butterfly and sometimes I can’t, but today I thought I would try to take the butterfly back outside.  Instead it decided to chill on me.  On my thigh, on my hands before sitting beside me for a long time on my desk, then the top of my monitor, and back to the window.

Here’s the odd part to my blue butterfly friend.  It will not allow me to get a picture of the inside of its wings.  It’s a gorgeous blue. I’ve never had a butterfly land on me yet along walk on me and chill for a while so I decided to take some video too, which you can see via my Instagram account.  The strange part is lately I have been wondering more and more what my mom would think about my life.  If she would approve of me writing again, attempting to do something more with my dream and then I read what a blue butterfly means.

These enchanting butterflies are believed to grant wishes and make dreams come true. However, there’s a catch. One should not give up. Difficulties might be presented and cause may seem lost. However, if you insist, things will change rapidly. Do not despair.

Also, a Blue Butterfly will grant you protection over evil magic and malicious spirits. Are you under a curse? Time to break free and spread your wings.

I have been smiling ever since I read this.  The butterfly that won’t leave my side is blue. I’ve tried putting it outside, but every time I walk to the door it flies back into my office. Tomorrow I’m going to try and give it some sugar water upon a suggestion of a friend, but for the time being I’m glad to have my butterfly companion around.  Thanks for keeping me on track.

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