Kevin Smith is simply amazing

On October 6th, I saw one of my favorite directors, Kevin Smith, talk for two hours downtown at Center Stage in Atlanta. I’ve found over the years that you are either a Kevin Smith fan or you are not. There is absolutely no in between. I have also found throughout the years that guys are always surprised when girls are fans of his. Maybe it is the crudeness in his films. Maybe it is the language.  The truth is I have no idea, but I have enjoyed his style since viewing Clerks for the first time.  And while working retail I often thought on the days I was called in that were rough ‘I’m not even supposed to be here today.’  Dante is the human spirit to anyone who has worked retail.  The strange part is I was not even supposed to go to this show.

Originally when trying to buy tickets forever ago there were issues on the site.  They were marked up higher than they actually were supposed to be at the time.  Neither my friend nor myself could afford the higher price at the time.  Neither of us could figure out what was going on with the site either, but later on I checked back and realized I could get them for the price that was originally listed.  Upon realizing the site was behaving I contacted my friend immediately and we decided to turn our traditional Friday evening catching up on various television shows or movies into a night out.

The only thing we were not expecting on the trip there was semi getting lost.  I say this because we were never technically lost with the GPS.  We did get turned around because despite the website informing me our parking garage was close to the event, we realized the sound the website makes when it lies!  Granted, we did only had maybe a block and a half  to get to Center Stage, but when one thinks they are right next to the event space that tends to be a bit of a shock.  The only good thing is it added to my steps on a day I knew I was not going to meet my goal.  So in a weird way it was bonus steps, yet not.

By the time we got to Center Stage they were letting people in though so we did not have to wait all that long.  We were carded, metal searched, and purse searched.  Needless to say the staff made me feel very safe there.  I also learned that there was a toilet there with no lid on it near our section, which was F by the way, and that one door would not lock.  The odd part about that door is that was the one my friend went in so I did not feel so bad about trying to bust in on her to pee.  A random stranger, yes.  A friend I have known since high school, not so much.  Thankfully, she did not allow the door open and nothing was really revealed though.  My stall of course had water that made me debate if the toilet had the worst leak ever and praying I did not slip and bust my ass.

I digress though.  When all this was said and done and we were shown to our seats Kevin Smith announced himself soon thereafter.  And while I know I have rambled on about my time there already, the seats are insanely small.  I know that my butt is not the average size butt, but man did I feel like I was in a sardine can.  Now back to the actual program.  I tilted my head a bit as I heard Kevin Smith being announced to the stage because I quickly realized that Mr. Smith himself was the one doing the announcing.  This was something I found humbling.  No extra razzmatazz, just him.  This immediately made me like him more because most entertainers are not going to introduce themselves.

The quick wit audiences see in films continued to transcend in front of me on the stage.  There were stories of him smoking on the balcony before the show.  The courtesy call he got to inform him he was not allowed to smoke on the balcony at all.  Another story about being in a different city and smoking on a balcony that lead him to think he had been discovered by a cop who was a fan.  He went on to explain that he changed clothes to get rid of the smell before going down to meet this man.  The funniest part of this story was learning that the guy just had on a blue coat and was not a cop at all.  Paranoia at its finest.

During this time he also talked about his wife and his daughter.  He admitted that his wife’s worst nightmare was paying forty dollars to come listen to him talk for two hours while we all did happily.  The truth is I not only did so happily, but I would do so again.  His wife’s worst nightmare was a very entertaining Friday night for my friend and me.  And not only did he continue to talk about his marriage, he also talked about his sex life.  During this he gave an explanation about cumming that has me side eyeing the Tootsie Pop owl every time the commercial airs late at night.

I learned various behind the scene goodies about The Flash and Supergirl tidbits about two of my favorite shows.  There were reveals he made that surprised me about the making of the show.  Details that you would think would be more extravagant that are not, but merely a part of television magic.  There is also something about hearing how nice all the people you admire from shows you have grown to love is oddly comforting.  Maybe it is merely knowing that there are not as many assholes in the world as the media can make it out to be at times.  Who truly knows.  But learning that also that he takes the time to make those he works with happy is even more amazing because in all honesty no one has to be nice in this world.  That is something we choose and he chooses that.

Similarly, what really struck me though is knowing how amazing Kevin Smith is with his fans and just how amazing his fans really are too.  One of my favorite moments of the night was when two friends approached Smith to sign a specialty made Clerks guitar.  Seeing this take place on stage was a treat that made viewing the images online even more of a treat.  I also can say I am a part of someone’s outgoing message named Nicole thanks to him agreeing to record her message.  And the biggest surprise of all was getting to attend not only one wedding, but two weddings.  I did not even know that Mr. Smith had this ability, but good to know!  Oh and I am also a part of the fans in a woman named Nicole’s voicemail greeting.

Ultimately, by the time the evening was over, he went over by a couple of minutes, but he left us all with a wise religious pray.  And while I will leave readers with my own personal images from the event, I will also leave readers with his wisdom as well.  In brightest day, in blackest night. No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil’s might. Beware my power… Green Lantern’s light!

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