What was the first movie you saw in theaters?

I remember how excited my Aunt Michelle was to be the first one to take me to see a movie at the theater for the first time.  She did not take me to one that was close to the house either.  No, she decided to take me to the one that was at the mall, The Galleria to be exact.  I’m not sure how many people I know remember seeing movies there, but I can recall seeing two there and both were with my aunt.  I also remember her taking me to the arcade beforehand and getting to beat some poor gators heads.  But most of all I remember being the only kid who was not afraid of Ursula as she grew and showed the entire crowd why she had been deemed the sea witch.  

Day 15: The first movie you saw in theaters – The Little Mermaid

There’s something about The Little Mermaid.  Looking back on it now, I cannot help but think that Ariel probably should have listened to her dad.  That is of course the adult in me though and realizing that she’s sixteen.  The truth is though her life would have been totally different if that were the case.  Could you imagine Ariel without Eric?  I know people’s problem with this film as they get older is that she changed to be with a man.  I’ve never once watched this film and though that though.  Instead, I found myself watching The Little Mermaid and seeing a confident young woman.  Far more confident than I was when I was sixteen.  Hell, Ariel is more confident than I can be now on certain days.  She knew what she wanted and who she ultimately wanted to be.

I look at The Little Mermaid and I see determination.  No one was going to hold Ariel back.  And anyone who thought they knew better or tried to hold her down she didn’t listen to.  Even when her father destroyed her inner sanctuary she was not defeated.  Granted, she went down a dark path by listening to Ursula.  Yes, we got an amazing villain song from it, but the lesson we have to remember to attach to that is that we do not do absolutely anything to get what we desire.  We don’t go down the path with the villain to gain help.  Instead though we point out Flounder.  We point out Sebastian.  We even point out Scuttle.  Her friends were always there for her no matter what happened.  Through the good, the bad, and her stubbornness, they stick with her.  Even when Sebastian is almost made for dinner!

Ariel continued to go after what she wanted in life even when she had no voice.  Speaking of her voice, I still find it quite beautiful that Eric fell in love with her voice initially.  He had no idea what Ariel looked like, which is why he fell for Ursula’s trick.  All he knew was that there was some woman out there waiting for him that had the most beautiful voice he ever heard.  And for the duration of the film I feel it’s obvious that Eric is falling for Ariel even though he must work to communicate with her and understand her.  Yes, this woman before him does strange things such as brush her hair with a fork, but ultimately he sees something deep inside of her.  There is that pull there that he cannot explain and that pull of course is that she is the woman he has been looking for since she saved him.

Ultimately, The Little Mermaid is a film that has stayed with me not just because of the messages I have taken from it over the years.  This film has stayed with me because I created a special bond with one of my aunts in the process.  My Aunt Michelle has always wanted to show me a world that few of us in life gets to see.  She continues to help that process along but including me on trips that I cannot fathom being able to take on my own just yet.  Over the years she has afforded me many unique experiences that I could never thank her enough for in the long run.  She also contributed to an experience that I still love to this day.  There is nothing better than being able to watch a Disney film as they always make us feel better.  And honestly, there is nothing better than just being able to sit in a theater with other like-minded people and know you’re in good company.

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