Good intentions, apologies, and thankfulness

You ever go into a month with good intentions? That is what October was for me this year. I was determined I would get up my thirty one reviews for Halloween, write for another site, watch a ton of horror films, do all things spooky oriented, and go to Walker Stalker Con. I will admit I did most of what is above, but at around day fifteen I got so far behind with my thirty one reviews that I felt beyond overwhelmed and I shut down here instead of anywhere else. My apologies for that.

I do plan on completing my thirty one reviews and I’m going to be spending a lot of time in November on the weekend being far smarter than I was for October and doing a lot of prewriting so I can hopefully connect and talk with you fine people who are reading my blog and taking the time out of your day to comment me here and elsewhere for that matter. For the time being I’m going to take a second and update you all on me. I know. Crazy thought.

Netheworld was fantastic this year. The new location was amazing despite the rainy night we went. I did find out though that with Lularoe clothing you don’t tend to be as soaked like when I wear a normal T-shirt. It was super nice in that regard. I wasn’t as impressed with the Alien Invasion house as I was The Awakening. I never thought were gonig to get out of that house though. Not a bad thing considering it was amazing though. And as always Krampus stole the show, since now I know that’s who he is and not the cowbell dude as I affectionately called him last year.

The outside area and game area is amazing too. I really wanted to be able to get the brain inside of the zombie and I came painfully close to doing but the stupid zombie moved. Twas a shame. Try to give a guy his brains back and he resists. Oh well.

I found myself not watching as many horror films this year as normal. I typically average way more and go to the theater more often but for the most part all the horror films were released before October. What sense does that actually make? It seems like a good horror film would do beyond well in October yet for the past couple of years there is not a great selection. Though I cannot complain too much because I was given the gift that is the new Halloween movie.

Walker Stalker was fun per usual. I absolutely love conventions. I have found that I am making way more friends at these than the first year. I would always hear about these stories about people who met at Supernatural conventions and become besties for life. I can honestly say this year alone I’ve met some incredible people while standing in line. I’m so glad to have exchanged Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram information with some people this year I had amazing conversations with while in line.

I can honestly say I have found myself in a bit of a rut this month in general, primarily this week.  There are lots of reasons I could give but they ultimately boil down being sick and tired of others trying to constantly bring me down.  I’m over people trying to make me feel lesser than.  I have also decided that it’s not okay to continually ask me if I’ve made you breakfast.  It’s super offensive and extremely sexist.  I’m over the sexist nature that some men feel they are entitled to things because I’m a woman. I’m tired of misogynistic attitudes that I cannot learn or have valuable information to give because again I’m a woman. Fuck you.  Fuck all of you that feel that way. Vulgar much?  So is your misogynistic nature in the first place.

Regardless I feel like I owe you guys who love this site an apology.  I’m sorry for letting the thoughts in my head for interfering.  I’m sorry for giving into the bits of depression I’ve been dealing with on and off this month and completely shutting down in many ways. This time of year I’m reminded that despite all the random bullshit I’ve let affect me life is mostly good.  I have friends, family, and you guys.  I love you all.  I appreciate you all and I’m going to do better going forward.

My new goal is to start posting links from pieces I’m writing for Fanfest at least once a week here.  I’m going to update the site soon so you will see a couple of changes, nothing is being taken away but added.  But more importantly I’m going to march forward and realize that what people are trying to make me feel aren’t true.  I’m worth something.  My thoughts mean something.  My opinions should be heard.  Every now and then I need to remind myself of this.  Every now and then I need to be reminded of this.  And seeing how many people have come to check this home page this month….it means a lot.  Like has me misty eyed as I type this a lot.  So thank you.  Thank all of you.

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