Plans, Actions, & Goals, Oh My

Hello all! Although it might not seem like it here, I have been writing A LOT. I talked with my therapist a while back, and my goal is to get to a point where I write at least 2,000 words a day. I’ve been rethinking that goal for sure lately. Part of me wants to make it more article-based, and the other part of me wants to keep it at 1,000 toward a book and then articles as well. I’ve always felt that I should write a book. Then again, the desire to be an author has always been strong within me. A writer. An author. I think the hard part of writing is narrowing down an area to write about overall. I’ve struggled with doing so with this site even over a couple of years I’ve been writing. And the last two years, for the most part, I’ve mainly been reposting pieces that I’ve written elsewhere.

With that said, I don’t think I have officially told everyone that I started writing for two new sites. I also stopped writing for another site. I will forever be grateful for my time there and how it has helped me develop my skill set over the past couple of years. It also granted me my first interview EVER with THE Mo Collins. However, with everything going on this year, I knew it was time to move on from the site, and doors begin to open elsewhere thankfully. I’m hoping that these doors continue to open for various places so I can indeed start making a living out of writing. That’s my ultimate goal and what I have focused on since April. However, now more than ever, I’ve realized I have to devote time to the two sites I’m on and this one!

Let me tell you about the first one I joined! I am now a part of Fandomize Media. The site consists of passionate writers whose goal is to bring people pop culture knowledge over various areas. I love horror movies, and my goal is to cover as much about them as possible. Good Girls is my jam as you might have noticed on my site and in conjunction with recaps I plan on posting on here once the show returns, I plan on writing a weekly post about a vital component of the show that made me tilt my head. Or a character that I think needs to be focused on that week. I plan on doing the same with The Purge as well, and I’m going to try to devote time to the Child’s Play television series as well. On top of that, I try to cover current entertainment news for the site when you have a moment head over there and give us a look! There are some great interviews as well as other talented writers to enjoy!

The other site I am a part of is Pippies! The whole site’s mission is to make the world a better place. On this site so far, I have found myself writing politically charged pieces, and I do tend to repost a link to my Fandomize pieces there as well. However, my goal is to share my political views and do the research, so people do not take my word as gold. I never want to misrepresent anything happening in the United States at this time. If it’s terrible, I’m going to report it and have no qualms about it. My goal is to share current events through my writing to help people, places, animals, and our planet. With that said, I plan to write a couple of pieces for the site that goes off the ones I’ve written here. Reflection pieces if you will! While I try not to live in the past, I do think it’s essential to take the time to review ourselves to become better versions of ourselves than we were the day before.

And last, but certainly not least, you can sign up at my authory page to be a subscriber to every piece I write. If you have already liked my page here, you will receive two emails. The same will be the case when I promote my works on Fandomize to Pippies. Please don’t let that discourage you from doing so!

It’s a lot, I know. My goal though, is to continue building my audience. I’m also looking into starting a podcast and maybe even taking some of the movie reviews I’ve written and talking about them on Youtube. I’m thinking that the Youtube channel will be solely devoted to movie reviews, while I am attempting to come up with a female-driven empowerment podcast because I believe we need those. I also think we need people to understand that women know things and that we need to be taken seriously in this world no matter what the profession.

With all this said, I hope that you are all doing well. I hope you haven’t lost anyone during this pandemic. I hope you are staying safe. And for the love of God, wear a mask.

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