Coupons Make The World Smell Better

There aren’t many memes that I can relate to, but this one I can relate to on a deep and soulful level.

I think the reason this store is so successful is they send out coupons monthly! On top of that, when you get the coupons, they also email you almost daily to let you know of any new promotions and sales happening in-store and online. And most of the time, if they are happening one day, online will extend it until the next day or into the weekend conveniently. I can’t be mad at their marketing team because clearly, they know what they are doing. They are insanely clever, and I gotta applaud them because I feel like I am constantly looking on their site. I frequently find myself wanting to buy more even though the shelf in the bathroom closet tells me, no, and I haven’t burned all the candles I have purchased in the past yet.

As most of you know who loves this store, they offer online exclusive scents, which always has me wanting to check out the site. In the mail on Thursday, I received another set of coupons; they are always brightly colored, too–seriously, their marketing and graphic team deserve all the praise–and they had a buy two get two free sales on candles. So in my mind, it was very, “IT’S LIKE I’M BUYING FOUR, BUT NOT REALLY!” This fact was quite literally the case, but when my mind goes there, and it clicks, I immediately am looking for their exclusives and remembering past scents I might have burned or love and am afraid they might retire.

Granted, this time, I held firm and got what was on sale this time. I did not go down the path of what else is on sale. I stuck to my candles, checked out, and left it at that for once. But seriously, I have an addiction to bath and body works coupons, and I don’t think I’m alone! That meme exists for a reason! Then we add that they make their semi-annual sales where it is six products for $26, and we all go in there naive and thinking, “I’m going to stick to six products.” We try to convince ourselves of that online and offline. It NEVER sticks.

Seriously, if you have only bought the six products, let me know because I want to clap for your willpower. Maybe I need willpower when it comes to scents. I finally find it over Oreos for the most part, and now I’m like, “BUT I HAVE COUPONS!!!” as I wave the brightly colored pieces of cardboard in the air! Maybe next month, I will tell myself I do not need anything from the site and give my coupons to a friend who wants to splurge on some scents. Wait, no, maybe! I will control my spending next month when it comes to Bath and Body Works. Yes. Definitive! That will make it so!

I don’t believe me either right now, but hey, maybe I will type that over and over the next couple of days in my journal in an attempt to make it the truth with all the other truths I want. Now, there is an idea. Until then, let me know if you suffer from this same spending addiction. Seriously, someone come and take away my coupons.

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