Growing Pains of the Lina Lamont Variety

The other day, I wrote about the nightmarish learning curves I was dealing with while trying to make my podcast dreams a reality! On a side-note, nothing corrected nightmareish for me until today and told me that it really should be nightmarish. So I’m over here facepalming for that as well as I write this. Thank God for the slay playlist my friend Manda made of what feels like thousands of insanely talented women. Seriously, it is getting me through this as well, as I’ve spent at least ten hours the past two days cleaning. 

I’ve strayed, back to my podcast dreams. The other night, I sat down on my couch, and I was so excited, guys! I mean, I got myself some water and sat down to add some free intro music I found and give it one more listen. That’s when I heard it—this up and down sound movement. I kept wondering what the hell? How did this happen? I didn’t hear this the other day when I was editing. However, when you’re focused on the content rather than the background, I’ve learned it is crazy what you do not hear. 

I kept wondering what did this and what it was to realize what had occurred in my recording finally. After googling for about thirty minutes as I listened and attempted to fix it through the powers of the internet Gods, someone had an answer for me. They did, but not the ones I needed. I realized I was suffering from Lina Lamont woes. What I mean, for those of you who haven’t seen Singin’ in the Rain, is the following:

While part of me is grateful that I at least don’t sound like Lina Lamont, as I’m not sure people would listen to a podcast hosted by her, these growing pains are a bit much. You could say, “I can’t stand ’em!” Granted, I know this is all just part of it, and I’ve gotten some advice since then, but man do I wish there were a way to save this somehow so I didn’t have to scrap the recording. I cannot help but think that instead of knowing there probably isn’t, I will have to record it for the third time this Saturday.

I’m trying to see this is the third time is the charm and that this version will be the best first version I could have asked for ultimately. Maybe the previous versions were versions not meant for others to hear but for me to learn. Although that’s a hard pill to swallow, knowing how much time and effort I’ve put into this already, I know deep down this is worth having. I feel like I’m on the right path, and that matters than all the obstacles I’m encountering along the way.

So will my podcast debate in a month dedicated to women’s history? No. However, it will debut because I know the mistakes to look for this go around. Plus, I’d like to think I’m ultimately more of a Kathy Selden than a Lina Lamont.

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