Veronica Mars film review

Pirates ahoy! Marshmallows rejoice! The Veronica Mars movie is finally hits theaters and is available for digital download! And now I promise to not end the rest of my sentences with exclamation points throughout the rest of this review.

First off, I feel it is important to say that even if you were not a fan of the Veronica Mars television series to see the movie anyway. The film explains all the important tidbits from the series so that non-marshmallows wont entirely lost. I urge anyone who intrigued by the trailer and did not get in the car and drive to the nearest AMC Theatre and actually view the film on the big screen to check it out now. After all, this film was available for digital download as soon as it hit theaters.  What are you waiting for!?

And while I cannot wait to jump right into my review, I must point out Veronica Mars brought in two million dollars over its initial weekend run on a mere 291 screens. This fact is quite an impressive feat considering the fact studios believed this was a film no one wanted. In many ways, Veronica Mars has been the little film that could for the past seven years. Creator, Rob Thomas, actors, and fans alike never gave up on the fact that one day that Veronica and friends would make their way into audiences’ hearts once more. The fact that the film was crowdfunded entirely by fans makes the film’s success even sweeter and the film makes sure to thank those who contributed at the end of the feature.

To get back to the point though, audiences find themselves back in Neptune, California alongside Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell) attempting to figure out a murder mystery case surrounding the one and only Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring). Logan is the main suspect in the murder of pop star, Bonnie DeVille. While some people might roll their eyes and quip, “No surprise there,” the feature soon reveals that the Logan Echolls fans knew from the series has long departed. In truth, the same applies with all the characters riddled throughout the film. Well, minus Dick (Ryan Hansen), but in all fairness would we have Dick any other way? I think not. And despite not knowing if the rumors are true right away about the changes in Mr. Echolls‘ life, Veronica finds herself on a plane and flying back to Neptune.

Regardless of what Veronica initially sets out to do, she finds herself extending her stay, which begins to raise the eyebrows of current boyfriend Piz (Chris Lowell) and father Keith (Enrico Colantoni). As those around her begin to question her motives about why she would stay in Neptune, Veronica gives the answers she knows might not appease those in her life, including Veronica’s two best friends, Wallace Fennel (Percy Daggs III), Cindy “Mac” MacKenzie (Tina Marjorino), but are valid nonetheless. All the while, the audiences gets to partake in the endless witty banter among the various characters and fans get to remember what made them fall in love with the show seven years ago.

Furthermore, the relationships we see develop on-screen are still as fresh as they were seven years ago. The bonds that we share in life, whether the bond be among our friends or family, always exist at the end of the day proving the strength and dependability of why the bond came about in the first place. Thus, when Veronica has no problem falling back into the banter she once shared with her ex-boyfriend this does not come as a shock. Logan and Veronica have always been loyal to each other, even if to a fault. And the truth is this is not because some people feel they are meant to be. The truth is because both know when push comes to shove the other will always be there for one another.

Likewise, the same rule applies to all of Veronica’s friendships. Even those friendships we never viewed as anything particularly strong in the television series. People always seem to take interest in Veronica whether it be by loving her or hating her and mainly because she makes them take interest. This is not because Veronica wants attention, but merely because she’s the person we all want to become at the end of the day. We all want to stand up for what we believe in and help those in need. And why? Because that is how most of our parents raised us and Veronica is no exception to the rule.

And despite being a grown woman, Keith falls into the role of the papa bear trying to protect his cub even after all these years. However, Mr. Mars has also become what most parental relationships develop into once children grow up and that is not only a best friend, but an ally. He knows her best because he’s a part of her. The mixture of parental guidance and banter between the two is what allows all their marks hit home with audiences, and their dynamic one of the most interesting father/daughter relationships of the past decade.

Similarly, the film works because of familiar territory of the first two seasons in the three season run. Veronica lets us all walk in her shoes and go on a journey with her to uncover a case. However along the way, the film reveals there is so much more to discover than meets the eye. And isn’t that the point of every worthwhile murder mystery? While being able to figure out an initial plot is exciting, the unexpected twists and turns are what makes a film truly memorable. And the truth is Veronica Mars has both with the bonus for fans being able to finally take that trip down memory lane because “a long time ago we used to be friends” who never really stopped thinking about these characters at all. Not even a little bit.

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