Who is your favorite movie character?

This is just a cruel joke.  How can someone pick just one character?  Characters are my thing.  They are my life in many ways.  I love movies.  I love television.  I love books. How can I pick just one movie character?  And then as I was looking around my bedroom, I realized I do have an ultimate favorite movie character.  He also doubles as a comic character, well superhero character as I have not had time to read my Groot comicbook yet.  Wow, I really thought I was going to have a better lead in than that to let you know I AM GROOT!!!!

Day 23: Your favorite character from any movie – Groot

In case you need that translated from above I said Groot is my favorite character from a movie.  From the moment the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer came out I immediately felt deprived of having the best childhood ever.  Yes, I kid because I had an amazing childhood.  However, I could not help but think with my tree hugging ways that it was a travesty that I did not know there was a superhero that is a tree!

For those of you that are getting to know me, just know that as a teenager I would drive by places that were in development that used to be widely populated by trees and yell tree killers.  The truth is I will still do this.  To the point when they were building a ballpark near my house my father went out of his way not to drive by said area because he knew I was going to pitch a fit.  Needless to say I then purposely drove with him in the car past the site and yelled out TREE KILLERS!  Granted, I realize that we all gotta make money somehow but it shouldn’t be at the expense of our environment and development for developments sake.

To say the least, I fell in love with Groot from his first scene in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 to him becoming a baby again by the end of the first film.  How do you not love Baby Groot?  I remember seeing a title of an article about how Baby Groot was going to ruin Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and thought WHAT KIND OF HATEFUL, SOULLESS PERSON ARE YOU!?!?  If anything that opening with Groot dancing his little heart out while all this chaos is going on around him makes the film!  That and Yondu’s Mary Poppins line.  Back to the point though.

We are introduced to Groot as an adult and know that he communicates only by saying, “I am Groot.”  Some of my favorite conversations in the film take place between Groot and Rocket.  I love that Rocket knows him well enough to understand what this tall tree that just wants to protect him and his family by the end of the film so much he says, “We are Groot.”  I was absolutely heartbroken when I thought this character was killed off that had previously impaled people by extending his arm and then smiled because he did good.

Thankfully, we learn that Baby Groot is grooving and growing.  He has been planted and his seedling will grow into something more and something absolutely terrific in the end.  I cannot hear The Jacksons “I Want You Back” without thinking of a happy Baby Groot flailing about in his little pot all care free until Drax notices and he ceases to dance.  I immediately wished there was memorabilia of a dancing Baby Groot.  I could not help but think of the old flowers that danced when I was younger and think to myself YOU GUYS ARE MISSING A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY!!!!  I was ready to throw my money at having a dancing Groot.

Since then of course they have wised up and mass produced one that is in my home along with most of his funko collectibles and various other Groot artwork.  I feel in love with him even further in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 from him trying to get Yondu and Rocket out of their prison to running off with the button of destruction.

If Baby Groot was not amazing enough we are introduced to Teenage Groot by the end of the film.  I love moody little Teenage Groot just wanting to sit around and ignore his entire family and just play video games.  Every little thing bothered him.  He should just be able to be a kid after all.  I do find it hilarious that he goes from everything making him angry in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 as a baby to moody by Avengers Infinity Wars.  And he says things that make them all seem deeply offended.

The growth, and literal regrowth, of the character has been absolutely fascinating to watch on screen. I’ve always been intrigued where his character is going to go.  Where the character could go.  I know most people will read this and think he’s just a tree, what kind of growth can he have and there’s plenty.  Well, plenty if certain details of the MCU is fixed but that is neither here nor there and I am attempting not to spoil anything for anyone still.

Ultimately, Groot is a character I have myself in a relationship with on Facebook.  This is not a joke, but the explanation as to why is something I plan on updating about next month.  Groot is just one of those characters that has wormed his way into my heart and will stay there forever.  I will continue to collect all the little pop figures of him and inevitability have a mini shrine to him of sorts.  Though let me be clear I am not going to be praying to all my Groot figures.  Shrine is a loose interpretation in this regard.  My point is no matter what I am going to be that seventy year old woman wanting to yell out I AM GROOT someday and that suits me just fine.

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