Wite-Out Control

I tend to plan anything involving reading and writing now. I block out times to read books. I’ve been aiming to read an hour from an eBook or an actual book. I also aim to listen to at least an hour of an audiobook. Reading is always a great way to help our writing. And soon, I’m going to be reading one of five books focused on writing. This week by the time I get through my days, I’m SO ready for bed that my reading times have fallen by the wayside. There have been many little x’s in my planner or a note of Thurs. to make it up tomorrow. The other thing there is a lot in my planner is wite-out.

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Gnats From Hell

This week everywhere I went in our house, I saw numerous gnats. I kept wondering, “Where the hell are all these little fuckers coming from?!” As some of you might know already, I’ve been decluttering and cleaning, in general, this week. These actions lead me to the gnat issue. Some produce had gone HORRIBLY bad and slid off the back of the stove and onto my dad’s old turntable. As soon as I moved some things back to throw away, a ton of gnats came at me and have been coming ever since. 

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Crying Wolf Keeps Oliver Trapped In A Room

I’ve got my home office, which doubles over as my workout space, the way I want it for the most part. Once my uncle can practice carpentry again, I’m going to have him build me some shelves. Once I have the shelves, I will display about a thousand items I have collected over the years. I also want to paint the room yellow; there’s something I thought I would NEVER type, take up the carpet in there if there’s hardwood underneath, and shine it up real good. I probably will get a rug, but I’m getting new curtains at some point. These ideas are all in my head right now, alongside a much-needed new desk. Patience is a virtue right now in my case. I know that eventually, this will all look the way I want it to look. The other thing I know is I want to change up my actual bedroom some too, but that’s another blog post for another day.

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About Last Night

I have spent the better part of this past week decluttering in some manner and cleaning almost every single day. The truth is, I am going to be doing that again this week too but on a lesser scale. To say I’m tired when I lay down is the understatement of the year so far. However, Sunday night, around 12:30 in the morning, I noticed a light out of the corner of my eye. This light came from my dad’s room as I heard him moving around. As soon as I noticed this, I laid down my tablet and asked him if he were okay. He told me no.

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Honestly, I Wanna Be Brave

I think a lot of times, we believe we are stuck when we need that weird push. Or maybe that is just me. That is how the pandemic had me feeling. I felt like I was stuck, and no matter what I tried to accomplish or what job I applied for, my destiny would end up being retail. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with it, but if you’ve ever worked retail, you might know what my enthusiasm to go back is lacking currently. For a while, I felt like nothing was going to change. Every writing job I applied for either turned out to be a scam; please be careful on Indeed, or I would never hear back from them.

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Willow Will Not Let The Past Haunt Me

Early Friday morning last week, I started and finished “To Drink Coffee with a Ghost (Things that Haunt, #2)” by Amanda Lovelace. I think the great thing about most poetry books is that you can start and finish them in one sitting, but they are almost always there to reexplore on your shelf, but I’ve found it’s been hard to check out a lot of poetry from the library that I am attracted to at places like Target and whatnot. Thankfully, in this case, I was able to check this book out from the library, and now I want to own it, possibly the series. 

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Coupons Make The World Smell Better

There aren’t many memes that I can relate to, but this one I can relate to on a deep and soulful level.

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Growing Pains of the Lina Lamont Variety

The other day, I wrote about the nightmarish learning curves I was dealing with while trying to make my podcast dreams a reality! On a side-note, nothing corrected nightmareish for me until today and told me that it really should be nightmarish. So I’m over here facepalming for that as well as I write this. Thank God for the slay playlist my friend Manda made of what feels like thousands of insanely talented women. Seriously, it is getting me through this as well, as I’ve spent at least ten hours the past two days cleaning. 

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